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  • The Space in Between and a Leap of Faith [Click]

    Art by Sophie Starzenski  Project: The space in between It always happens to me while seeing an image, a landscape, a moment… or just seeing something that I find difficult to explain, a situation that I find inexplicably beautiful. I’m not talking about the beauty of it’s colours or it’s shapes – I’m talking about something […]


    Congratulations to our accepted Annual MOM Conference Participants THEORIZING MOTHERHOOD IN THE ACADEMY         May 6 & 7th 2016         New York City, USA The schedule for the upcoming conference and Journal of Mother Studies (JourMS) is as follows: JANUARY 11 – Notifications were sent out to conference applicants with an inquiry as to whether […]

  • The Status of Mother Art Around The World [LINK]

    ProCreate Project is due to launch at the Women´s Art Library at Goldsmiths University in London, England on the 15th of December, 2015. Over 100 featured ‪#‎motherartists‬. #JoinMama Book your free ticket here [LINK] Here is my personal statement regarding the current status of mother-art around the world by M. Joy Rose: I’ve been organizing the Mamapalooza Festival (worldwide) […]

  • Online Classes in Mother Studies Have Started [CLICK]

    Online classes have started. The Museum of Motherhood is proud to launch online classes in Mother Studies [LINK]. Organized and taught by Martha Joy Rose, BFA, MA, who is a pioneer in the field, the first session will be offered as part of a seven week summer intensive called “Introduction to Mother Studies.” Mother Studies is a field of interdisciplinary […]

  • The Museum Gallery [CLICK]

    During our time on the Upper East Side of New York City, we hosted over 20,000 visitors in 29 months (2011-2014). These visitors came from all around the world, including Angola, Mexico, Sweden, England, Italy, and France to name a few. Community members from the surrounding neighborhood, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Westchester and Long Island also […]

  • Community, Caring, and Education [CLICK]

    The Museum of Motherhood (M.O.M.) is an exhibition and education center dedicated to the exploration of family – past, present, and future. We highlight the many roles of women throughout history and in contemporary culture. In our museum space we provide mothers, fathers, youth, caregivers, and mothers-to-be insights into what they will experience as parents and how to handle it. We […]


M.O.M. creates exhibits and shares information about conception, procreation, and the science of the human body



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