The Museum of Motherhood and the ProCreate Project are pleased to announce the launch of a new monthly international exchange of ideas and art. M.A.M.A. will celebrate the notion of being “pregnant with ideas” in new ways. This scholarly discourse intersects with the artistic to explore the wonder and the challenges of motherhood. Using words and art to connect new pathways between the academic, the para-academic, the digital, and the real, as well as the everyday: wherever you live, work, and play, the Art of Motherhood is made manifest. Read our Blog for new updates, our new M.A.M.A. link of ideas, and visit the ProCreate Project for more about Nicola Canavan and Raising The Skirt: ‘La mar es posa bona si veu el cony d’una dona’, is a Catalan belief in the vagina, translated as ‘the sea calms down if it sees a woman’s cunt’ go to our M.A.M.A. link for the featured article each month. #JoinMAMA Read_More

Art and Performance by Nicola Canavan
Art and Performance by Nicola Canavan with photos by Dawn Felicia Knox
GRAVIDUS, by Claire Hickey in partnership with Procreate Project
GRAVIDUS, by Claire Hickey in partnership with Procreate Project

Claire Hickey and the art of pregnancy.

M.O.M. features art by and about mothers, fathers, and families. Exhibits by a roster of international artists continues to explore the complex nature of birth and caregiving as well as the transformational experience of human life and aging. While M.O.M. has many artifacts including works by Ella Dryfus, and Helen Knowles our permanent collection is archived pending our next-stage location. Current exhibits are online only. See our archives: [CLICK]. Current exhibit featured here. April, 2015: As if in the Pains Of by Rachael Van Dyke [CLICK]. Beginning June 1, 2015 we launch a new monthly online exhibit and international initiative:

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