Scream; and a Story of Loss [CLICK]

The ProCreate Project, the Museum of Motherhood and the Mom Egg Review are pleased to announce the continuation of  this literary and scholarly discourse which intersects with the artistic to explore the wonder and the challenges of motherhood. Using words and art to connect new pathways between the academic,the para-academic, the digital, and the real, as well as the everyday: wherever you live, work, and play,Continue reading “Scream; and a Story of Loss [CLICK]”

Small Museums Conference 2016

The Small Museums Conference 2016 is off to a great start in Ocean City, Maryland. I’ll be spending the next few days learning, exploring, and gaining insight as I attend workshops and events organized to benefit small museums and their teams. First up, two workshops, one in grant-writing and a DYI exhibit lecture (I keptContinue reading “Small Museums Conference 2016”

Congratulations Ruth Lubic and Kimm Sun – MHOF Recipients 2016 [CLICK]

  This year the Motherhood Hall of Fame honors everyday she-roes. CONGRATULATIONS Ruth Lubic and Kimm Sun Event to be held May 5th 7:30-9 at Teachers College, NYC. DRINKS AT 7PM. Please RSVP at Motherhood Hall of Fame. WHEN: May 5th (Thursday) WHAT TIME: 7:30-9PM WHERE: Teachers College Columbia University – 525 West 120th Street Milbank Chapel,Continue reading “Congratulations Ruth Lubic and Kimm Sun – MHOF Recipients 2016 [CLICK]”

The Space in Between and a Leap of Faith [Click]

Art by Sophie Starzenski  Project: The space in between It always happens to me while seeing an image, a landscape, a moment… or just seeing something that I find difficult to explain, a situation that I find inexplicably beautiful. I’m not talking about the beauty of it’s colours or it’s shapes – I’m talking about somethingContinue reading “The Space in Between and a Leap of Faith [Click]”