Birth Stories Featuring Kim; Raising Awareness about HELLP Syndrome

It’s #FriendFriday!!!  This week I’m sharing a birth story from my friend Kim Meeks. She and her husband, George, have had an incredible journey with her daughter. Mary Farris was born at 25 weeks gestation, 15 full weeks premature. Kim shares her story here: It was a normal pregnancy for the first 6 months.  My husbandContinue reading “Birth Stories Featuring Kim; Raising Awareness about HELLP Syndrome”

Laughing Gas For Birthing Mothers? [Click to read more]

By Naomi Rendina for M.O.M. Recently, the use nitrous oxide in the delivery room has been questioned and even projected as the “next big thing” in American obstetrics. What many people are failing to recognize is that nitrous oxide has had a presence in the delivery room in the US before, and it failed toContinue reading “Laughing Gas For Birthing Mothers? [Click to read more]”

Contraception Updates [CLICK HERE TO READ BLOG]

Hello, everyone! In order to discuss contraception, pregnancy, and all things related over the next few months, I think it is important that we discuss a few important terms so that everyone has access to the same frame of reference later on. By definition, contraception is the “deliberate prevention of conception or impregnation by anyContinue reading “Contraception Updates [CLICK HERE TO READ BLOG]”