Contraception Updates [CLICK HERE TO READ BLOG]

Hello, everyone! In order to discuss contraception, pregnancy, and all things related over the next few months, I think it is important that we discuss a few important terms so that everyone has access to the same frame of reference later on. By definition, contraception is the “deliberate prevention of conception or impregnation by anyContinue reading “Contraception Updates [CLICK HERE TO READ BLOG]”

Meet Our New Blogging Intern Rozita [CLICK]

Hi everyone! My name is Rozita Alaluf, I’m the new graduate student intern for Museum of Motherhood! Currently, I am a first year MA student in Clinical Psychology at Columbia University. Born and raised in Turkey, I received my BCom degree with majors in psychology and international management at McGill University. I am also a certified yoga teacherContinue reading “Meet Our New Blogging Intern Rozita [CLICK]”