The Art of Motherhood

Since immersing myself in the motherworld in 1989 I have observed the rise in the visibility of humans engaged in the practice of birth and caregiving. This visibility has translated into music, scholarship, literature, theater, and most recently a rise in fine artists lending their passion to making video, photography, paintings, and performance. I amContinue reading “The Art of Motherhood”

The Global Motherhood Report Card, Revisited

A few days ago, I received an urgent email from Senator Gillibrand. Okay, maybe it wasn’t actually from the personal email of Kirsten Gillibrand and maybe it wasn’t any more urgent than her other emails about legislation, newsworthy topics, or appeals for support to her PAC. But, nevertheless, this subject line came across my inboxContinue reading “The Global Motherhood Report Card, Revisited”

Mom is a Dirty Word – Needs Our Support [CLICK]

Documentary Explores “Motherism” and Anti-Family American Public Policy, Kicks off Indiegogo Campaign Drive Gettysburg, PA — June 1, 2015— Feature documentary “Mom Is a Dirty Word” explores how the media, pop-culture, and lack of family-friendly public policy make being a mom in the United States more difficult than ever. Through interviews with experts, moms, andContinue reading “Mom is a Dirty Word – Needs Our Support [CLICK]”

M.A.M.A. & The Art of Motherhood [CLICK]

The Museum of Motherhood and the ProCreate Project are pleased to announce the launch of a new monthly international exchange of ideas and art. M.A.M.A. will celebrate the notion of being “pregnant with ideas” in new ways. This scholarly discourse intersects with the artistic to explore the wonder and the challenges of motherhood. Using words and art to connect new pathways betweenContinue reading “M.A.M.A. & The Art of Motherhood [CLICK]”