2015 Conference

“New Maternalisms”: Tales of Motherwork (Dislodging the Unthinkable) 

April 30th, May 1st-2nd, NYC

This year’s conference will span two of New York City’s finest institutions. Thursday, April 30th we look forward to hosting the conference at The CUNY Graduate Center on 5th Ave. at 34th St. in Manhattan, Rooms 9205 & 9206. Then, on Friday May 1st and 2nd we will move to Manhattan College in the Bronx, (Alumni Room) an easy subway ride from midtown.

Registration begins at 9:00, with a dynamic roster of presentations taking place between 10a and 6p each day. This will leave time for evening events around NYC, and a restful reasonable start to each day
We hope most of you will plan on attending all three days. During this time many important contacts are made and friendships formed, as well as a significant information exchanged.

[For information on transportation and accommodations read to the bottom of the page]

CUNY & Manhattan College Students and Faculty have free admission.


Questions may be referred to: info@MOMmuseum.org


Continental breakfast will be served 8:30 on in the Alumni Room

*Please note the following spelling correction. 3:30 Lori Mihalich-Levin


Continental breakfast will be served 8:30 on in the Alumni Room

*Please note the following spelling correction 2p Sophie SartainMC_3

We have a power point, a projector, and a screen for sharing your work. You can bring a zip drive, plan on accessing the internet, or bring your computer and an adaptor (for Macs) to best share your presentations.

This conference is designed to bring together academics, artists, and laypersons will be an opportunity to critically explore the institution of motherhood. Much research on motherhood has been published in the past eighteen years from Ruddick to Crittenden suggesting an increased interest in and visibility and acknowledgement of feminism and the topic of motherhood. The literature is concerned with the invisibility of mothers and the labor of caregiving or “motherwork.” Drawing on artist Natalie S. Loveless’ curation in Spring 2012 for FADO in Toronto, The Museum of Motherhood (MOM) calls this shift in the representation of motherhood in the literature as “new maternalisms”. Klein (2012) argues “new maternalisms” expose “the fissures and cracks between the ideological representation of motherhood and the lived experiences of being a mother.”

The purpose of this conference lies in focusing on “new maternalisms” by exploring “motherwork” or the invisible labor of caregiving in our everyday lived experiences as wo/men, hence including mothers, fathers, and caretakers and our communities. The objective is to explore how wo/men experience “motherwork,” what “motherwork” means to us, and how “motherwork” impacts and is impacted by the communities in which we live in. The conference organizers encourage submissions that cross disciplines to provide critical insights into mothering, fathering, and family issues; that draw direct links between theories and/or research findings; or that offer practical approaches to issues facing contemporary mothers and families. The overarching goal of this conference is to provide an environment to explore new ideas and approaches for tackling issues that concern mothers as well as important others who fill a care giving role in the family.

General Navagation Information

  • New York City has two major airports: JFK and LaGuardia.
  • Public transportation is available from both via train, and cab.
  • The train from JFK is rather straightforward and costs about $7.50. I would encourage you not to be fearful about taking this option if budget is a concern. There are people at the airport who can direct you, and I’ve done this many times. Here is a link to the NYC Subway Map: http://web.mta.info/nyct/maps/subwaymap.pdf
  • Parking pass for Manhattan College (if you are driving) can be downloaded here: MC MOM Parking Permit
  • Mid-Town MANHATTAN – Thursday, April 30, the conference this year will take place at The Graduate Center; 365 5th Ave. (at 34th St)
  • BRONX (a Borough of Manhattan) Friday & Saturday, May 1-2, at Manhattan College, 4513 Manhattan College Parkway, Bronx, NY 10471
  • (These two institutions are about a 40 minute subway ride from each other) We are starting registration each day at 9:30 giving people more time for travel :-))
  • Subway Map PDF (Download)
  • Accommodations in NYC are best found through discount sites: TravelZooKayak, and Priceline, as well as CheapOair.
  • The Graduate Center is across the street from the Empire State Building, and very centrally located. There are many hotels in the area. I recommend staying in Manhattan, as the hotels are all easily linked by mass transit, which is not the case in the Bronx.
  • Manhattan is divided into the West and East sides, with subway trains that operate separately on either side of the city. It can be a 40 minute trek from the West to East side, either by bus, or foot, or crosstown subway. It might be easier to stay on the WEST SIDE IF POSSIBLE.
  • FYI, the subway that best serves Manhattan College is the #1 or #6 train on the West SideLink to more info. Even more info.
Restaurants near Manhattan College: 

Event Flyers:

MOM GC Flyer

MOM MC Flyer

MC MOM Parking Permit- Day Pass

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