One-Time Donation / Gift

Recurring Donations- monthly, annually

General Fund for the greatest need

Donor Advised Funds – Mother Tree, a building, Programs, conferences

Community Donation—a Membership for someone in the community that otherwise could not afford at the moment join?

Tribute Gift/In Memory/ In Honor

Pledges – promise to give..can be conditional or unconditional

You can also make a check payable to MOM Art Annex,  The Museum of Motherhood, 538 28th Street North, St. Pete, Florida 33713

Our mission is to elucidate the art, science, and history of mothers.

The life of our museum is centered on the community of creators, families, and students who engage with MoM’s cultural presentations, education, and exhibitions for the purposes of increased awareness, inspiration, and opportunity.

The goal of the Museum of Motherhood is to serve populations within the academic, social, and intersectional community both online and in-person. Our visitors and volunteers have included young students age 16-21, graduate students, doctors, doulas, BIPOC women & mothers, feminists, single mothers, grandmothers, LGBTQA populations, child-free by choice advocates, single men, fathers, artists, nuns, Doe-fund workers, babies, artists, and intellectuals. We have pioneered programs in social justice with the Bronx Defenders (New York City), Saving Mothers (International), and Tampa Bay Breastfeeding Coalition (Florida) to name a few.

Until the Museum of Motherhood, no place on Earth collected, preserved, and disseminated information and artifacts about the many roles of mothers, and the many types of family. Many museums are well presented, educational, and entertaining. Yet, in addition, how many discuss the historical contributions of women’s labor, the breakthrough science of procreation, and art made from the maternal perspective. Our scope is uniquely comprehensive and focused.

We have actively and successfully organized pop-up exhibits on the Upper East Side of NY, multiple university settings, and a variety of cities. Each year, we organize residency opportunities, internships, conferences, and exhibits.

The need is great. Our plans include raising funds for a next-stage building to house the Museum of Motherhood. Business plans are available upon request. Here are a few ways to get involved:

The MOM Art Annex is an IRS designated Florida non-profit501c3 incubator project for the Museum of Motherhood

Checks may be made out to the MOM Art Annex and mailed to: Museum of Motherhood 538 28th St. North St. Pete, Florida 33713

877.711.MOMS (6667)

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