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MOM_Landscape_1Welcome to M.O.M.


The annex is the personal live/work space of artist Martha Joy Rose. For more info: or text/call 207.504.3001.

Tours of the latest M.O.M. exhibits, conversations about the art, science, and history of motherhood, as well as an opportunity to try on pregnancy vests, and explore the objects on display are available when the director is onsite. There is an extensive library with films on a wide variety of topics, research materials from the Demeter Press Collection. [READ MORE AND SEE STILL PHOTOS OF CURRENT EXHIBITIONS- LINK]


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-You will also see a Realityworks Pregnancy Vest. Try this on and feel what it’s like to have a heavy belly.


Try sitting in the African birth chair. It will support your weight!

We also have fetal models, ovary and sperm charts, and fertility offerings (from Portugal). You are invited to look + see + touch + and explore.


The forceps have an incredibly interesting story and signaled big changes in their day for birthing mothers. Watch the video then click on the links to find out more about these objects [LINK].


Next, on the wall, is a series of photographs. These are part of Alexia Nye Jackson’s Mother The Job Exhibit. Each photo shows a person performing a task normally associated with caregiving. Next to that photo is a picture of a person performing the same task in a professional context. Jackson wants us to ask ourselves the question, “what is mother work and does it count for something in our capitalist culture [LINK to more]. If it does, and it is unpaid, how do we value it?”

-Jackson wants us to ask ourselves the question, “what is mother-work and does it count for something in our capitalist society? If it does, and it is unpaid, how do we value it?” Hint: Some people say we value it with “love.” But, we love a lot of people and wouldn’t expect them to perform all the tasks our mothers do without some a) compensation, b) social program, c) paid parental leave, d) affordable childcare, etc.

  • To see some of the salary comparables click here.
  • To calculate your mother’s work value in terms of dollars click here.

There have been a number of books written about the unpaid labor of mothers in America. One of the best is Ann Crittenden’s The Price of Motherhood.

Now, stand in front of the large mirror and look at yourself. The world needs more activists. What is an activist? An activist is someone who works to bring about political or social change. What kind of world do you want to live in? Isn’t valuing our m/others core to valuing others? When we become educated about the issues facing mothers in America and around the world, we begin to understand our origins as well as our future selves.



Link to Laundry

Our “History” area contains an Eriz stove circa 1920’s, assorted laundry items and cook wear, as well as several antique irons, including a “sad” iron. A glass case includes a rare Victorian wax moulage of an infant, a Happy Baby bottle, and baby shoes from 1934.

The ART of Motherhood

Moms of Rock exhibit highlights the work of the Housewives On Prozac band (1997-2008) who did much to develop a concept of mom-made art. Pioneering a movement of Mamapalooza bands, comedians, authors, poets, playwrights, and mom-preneurs, the festival launched in New York City in 2003, spreading to four countries and 25 cities. Summer on the Hudson at Riverside Park in Manhattan continues to hold the festival annually each May. [LINK] Kate Perotti released a film about their adventures, titled Momz Hot Rocks in 2008. The film is part of M.O.M.’s DVD collection.

See what this recent movement of mother-made research, culture, and herstory looks like [LINK].

Procreate Project Archive: this exhibition displayed at the Women’s Art Library in the UK. contains the work of 100 mother artists from around the world. Please feel free to handle the paper and look through some of the artists featured here.

In order to understand where we are going, we must understand where we are from. For most of history, art has been made by men. Museums and galleries are still stuck in the past, exhibiting much more art by men than by women. This is changing slowly. Here at MOM, we celebrate new and changing perspectives that are fundamentally more inclusive. Our focus is on making mother art visible while honoring those who have gone before.

Demeter Library, celebrating the Andrea O’Reilly Reading Room with the complete Demeter Press collection, including the Encyclopedia of Motherhood. Our books are available for you to peruse during your visit. [Access a list of our Library Books – Coming Soon].

MORE Emerging Mother Art From Around The World

new_mom_interior_7Helen Knowles (England)
Vee Malnar (Australia)
Anna Rose (USA)
Flavia Testa (Italy)
Ella Dreyfus (Australia)
Capucine Bourcart (France)
Noa Shay (Israel)
Isabel Czerwenka-Wenkstetten (Germany)
Christen Clifford – Pussy Bow (USA)



What is a Mother? You’d be surprised about our assumptions and social expectations when it comes to mothers! Motherhood is so complex. It is as complex as you are and as complex as the individuals engaged in caregiving activities. It can be clear, pure, and strong at times, but it can also be ambivalent, confused, and exhausting. By understanding this we increase our compassion and forge better relationships with the people around us.

If I were in the space with you right now, I’d tell you about Foundling Wheels and Baby Boxes. Find out more by clicking this [LINK]

The world is changing more rapidly than at any other period in history. Because of technological advancements, breakthroughs in our understandings of gender, and because of the fluid nature of our evolving society, the topic of motherhood is extremely fascinating. It might challenge your perceptions and even expand some of the ways you function in your life and family.

Tell your friends! Help us grow. Get involved. Come back and see us again!

M.O.M. is proud to share the Art of Motherhood from around the world. When founder, M. Joy Rose began her own journey of motherhood little cultural content on motherhood was available. She has devoted the last twenty-plus years to highlighting women’s voices in the arts, academia, and beyond.

Artist Statement Work/Live Location, By M. Joy Rose. See some of her Current Works: “Disruptions, Extrusions, and Other Chaotic Consequences” [In Progress-Currently on Display] [LINK].

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