Living Museum Seeks Annual Volunteers

Lexy Valdes, Living Museum Board Chairperson ’21-22

Colleen Clements, Living Museum Board Secretary ’21-22

Tracy Sidesinger, Living Museum Residency Coordinator ’21-22

MOM Seeks Volunteers: Living Museum Board Members and Community Directors –Annually

The Museum of Motherhood (MOM) is the first and only exhibition and education center devoted to elucidating the science, history, and art of mothers and the multicultural family in perpetuity. Among its activities are its Residency Program, Educational Initiatives (JourMS), and Exhibitions, which are currently physically located at the Mom Art Annex, 538 28th St. N. in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The MOM Art Annex aspires to be a “living museum”, organized and activated by scholars, artists, students, and volunteers invested in its wellbeing. MOM has an ongoing mission of being accessible to the public, and open to evolving, interdisciplinary perspectives of women and families on an ongoing basis in perpetuity. The “living museum” status means that new directions, goals, and implementation of projects will be collaboratively planned and executed by a rotating group of individuals who agree to invest in MOM’s ongoing success while using their individual assets to reach a broader audience. All board positions can be performed remotely. This initiative will benefit all parties in the following ways:

  • Offer the potential of increased interaction and collaboration between members and their skillsets, leading to a dynamic research environment.
  • Open a new curatorial aspect to experiential mothering research.
  • Responsibilities (as a longer time frame) provide an opportunity for a scholar/artists/student to develop their research interest in-depth. 
  • The ‘living space’ has the potential to increase outreach and activism. 
  • Increases the visibility of MOM through the member’s responsibilities to share and document interdisciplinary, multi-cultural projects.
  • The stipend for some positions recognizes the participant’s contribution and should therefore ensure commitment to MOM and encourage a good ‘work ethic’.

L.M. BOARD MEMBERS (Annually): The Museum is seeking new board members on a volunteer basis. Board members must be willing to meet 4 x’s per 12 month period via conference call to discuss the museum and its direction. Suggested meeting times are the first week of each month in March 1, May 1, September 1, December 1 (Calendar year: March-February). During each meeting, lasting no more than 55 minutes discussions and planning for ongoing Residencies, Conferences, and CFPs and the Journal of Mother Studies should take place. Ideally, the board should be comprised of a minimum of 3 members at any given time. Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary, with job specifics, spelled out below. Board members should agree to one year of service (4 meetings) and can be extended if volunteers are willing. Each calendar year will commence on March 1 annually after solicitation for new members and February training of new Board Members. Conference Line 605.313.4812 Access: 720965#

L.M. BOARD CHAIRPERSON (Annually): Duties include calling Board Members together and overseeing 4 board meetings, updating website with events or special call updates 4 xs per year: March; CFP & conference announcements, May; Mothers’ Day Fundraiser, September; JourMS announcement, December; Year end appeal. Newsletter reminders to secretary, and coordination of Community Activists blog post online, 1 per month (see below). Board President can expect to learn WordPress website skills, have access to social media sites and practice organizational and leadership skills with an agreement to spend the final week of their directorship mentoring the next Board President about their duties. Each Board Chairperson will facilitate the process of soliciting the subsequent Board Members. A stipend of $1,200 USD per annum will be awarded upon the completion and after subsequent President has been trained.

L.M. BOARD SECRETARY (Annually): Secretary will attend four board meetings and will have access to MyNewsletter Builder site and create 4 Newsletters per year: March 1st (CFP Journal & Conference Announcements), May 1st (Mothers’ Day Fundraiser), September 1st (JourMS Publication), December 1st (Conference Announcements & Year-end appeal) OR manage JourMS Publication: March (CFP JourMS), May (Follow up responses JourMS), June-July (Edits to JourMS), August (Submit edited papers to upload to JourMS website) Stipend $400 upon completion, after subsequent Secretary has been trained.

L.M. TREASURER: Treasurer will attend four board meetings and will assist in organizing 3 online fundraising initiatives with specific solicitation goals annually coinciding with Newsletters, May, September, December and will coordinate grant writing initiatives. (See the Tribute Wall, online). Stipend $400.

JOURNAL OF MOTHER STUDIES (JourMS): Circulate CFP, approve submissions, author editorial introduction, coordinate volunteer editors, deliver edited, blind-reviewed content for web by August 30th.

GRANT WRITER: This person will research and write one-two grants per year. TBD

SPECIAL EXHIBITS CURATOR: Do you have an idea or a passion that you would like to see through? Contact us with your idea and we will figure out how to collaborate for traveling or onsite exhibitions that add to our ever-expanding knowledge of MOM. All energy and ideas invited.

L.M. RESIDENCY COORDINATOR: 9 Residents per annum September–May. Organize one two-week residency per month, guest cottage MOM Art Annex 538 28th St. N. St Pete. Requests come through website, ‘Residency page’. MOM Director will forward info to Coordinator. Coordinator explains requirements to Community Activist/Resident. An onsite coordinator sees to Residency accommodations. $400.

ACADEMIC COMMITTEE: The academic committee oversees the coordination, submissions, and execution of the Annual Academic MOM Conference. Board members serve at their own discretion.


  • 300-500 blog describing your perspective and goals as an artist of scholar and what your work is about. Send to us via email along with you photo to be posted online two weeks prior to Residency
  • 2 social media posts with images or text to be shared online FB, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Organize one art or other project to be left onsite at MOM or conduct a community activity virtually or onsite during your stay

RESIDENCIES (Ongoing): All Residencies are by application. Approved two-week Residencies are for the duration of one to two weeks. We request all residents assume the Community Activist position during their stay (See above). Extra residency weeks are offered for a $125 donation per week to assist with expenses.

INTERNSHIPS (Ongoing): Each year the Museum of Motherhood (MOM) welcomes interns from a variety of disciplines. Internships seek to balance individual goals and needs with those of the museum’s. Study labs, online courses, individual projects, visual displays, research, and guest docent opportunities are just a few of the ways MOM works with undergraduate university and graduate level students.

CONTACT US: to get involved in one or more of these ongoing activities.



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