MOM Annex

       Honoring The Legacy Of M/others, Past, Present, and Future

The MoM Art Annex Inc. is a certified Florida nonprofit 501c3 that serves as an incubator project overseeing the growth of the Museum of Motherhood. MoM seeks to establish a permanent structure for a world-class International Museum to promote the new field of mother studies, mother-made art, and the evolution of family while honoring the achievements of women in perpetuity and therefore preserving their legacy.

MoM creates, produces, and presents artistic, educational and cultural content that studies and supports women, mothers, and their activities. The Art Annex disseminates information about these individuals for broad public consumption while paying tribute to families free of age, race, and socio-economic barriers. MoM cares about, and acts upon the status of those individuals while celebrating the courage, fortitude, and ingenuity of caregivers, elucidating their experiences, and addressing important issues, while creating meaningful content, and providing compelling community experiences.

MoM seeks to marry education, herstory, creativity, culture, and community for the benefit of all with a special emphasis on women who are mothers by amplifying their voices. By collecting examples of the scope and breadth of the massive contributions m/others make, their works become recognized and generations benefit from the legacy and documentation of the collective cultural voice.

MoM seeks to highlight women’s achievements and honor their courage through the promotion of Mother Studies, and the creation of artistic and cultural content.  Namely, our programs seeks to educate and celebrate diverse M/others’ stories through ‘Motherhood In Motion’ exhibits, publications, presentations, artistic displays, and community gatherings that will result in a permanent home, in perpetuity, for the Museum Of Motherhood.

These displays and presentations will be made visible through private showings, exhibitions, educational content, large-scale group gatherings, hosted events, presentations, journals, media, and conferences.

EIN: 84-3541994

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