Mother As Curator



At MoM we aim to start great conversations, feature thought-provoking exhibits, and share information and education in a friendly, nonjudgmental atmosphere. Our online exhibits are always free!

To experience a tour, please make a donation to MoM’s ongoing work! $45 per person is suggested with a 90 minute tour, a takeaway worksheet, and a free swag gift. Spend time hearing about the development of a mother-made art and activism movement from scholar and founder Martha Joy Rose. We greatly look forward to hearing from you!

Making MoM

The MoM Museum Art Annex opened its doors on January 1, 2017. The new hours are by appointment only. You must call ahead or e-mail.

As part of The Arts Enclave of Historic Kenwood, in the city of St. Petersburg, this new incubator project aspires to be several things. Among them we aim to be a place that counters narratives which have kept women less visible and one that increases awareness about reproduction, identity and experience. We encourage empathic humanity and planetary healing. We make space for real life-affirming connections.. Additionally, as an arts annex, we are preserving and interpreting objects for public consumption, while acting as a place of learning, a place to gather; and mostly, as a template for all the possibilities to come, as MoM continues to grow and thrive.

Some of our current exhibit features include: Mother The JobMoms of Rock, African Body Mask, Helen Hiebert’s the Mother Tree, ProCreate Project ArchiveNorman Gardner, Capucine BourcartNoa Shay, Ella Dreyfus, Helen KnowlesAnna RoseVeeMalnarFlavia TestaIsabel Czerwenka-WenkstettenChristen Clifford, our library, including the Andrea O’Reilly Reading Room with the complete Demeter Press works, DVD Collection, CDs and more. Visitors may also enjoy trying on the Pregnancy SimulatorVest or exploring our “Science of Reproduction” exhibit. In addition, I will be using this space to continue to explore mother-labor as performance-art and to teach small groups of students. Below is the director’s brief bio.

Martha Joy Rose

M. Joy Rose holds a BFA in Theater and a Masters of Liberal Studies in Women’s and Gender Studies with a focus on Mother Studies. She is a musician, concert promoter, museum founder, and fine artist. Her work has been published across blogs and academic journals, and she has performed with her band Housewives On Prozac on Good Morning America, CNN, and the Oakland Art & Soul Festival to name a few. She is the NOW-NYC recipient of the Susan B. Anthony Award, her Mamapalooza Festival Series has been recognized as “Best in Girl-Power Events” in New York, and her music has appeared on the Billboard Top 100 Dance Charts and she has written extensively on the art of motherhood.

Mother As Curator

The current live/work situation at the MoM Art Annex was inspired in part by a chance meeting at the MoM Annual Academic Arts Conference in New York City in 2016. While there, Rose met Sarah Black when she presented a work titled “Mother As Curator.” Black introduced her home environment as a video, art, installation, and inter-generational family experience. Her treatise declared that as an artist, she “blurs the boundaries of art, and the personal, family and audience, narrative and auto-biographic practices.”She states that as a “performance maker, she explores the home as both a physical and a metaphysical structure to house the work.” In this way, spaces are informed and co-created by those who participate in its interiors, but similarly, its interiors also hold a template for studying the things it contains from a distance. Rose found this inspirational for an exhibit ‘performed’ within the home, which is essentially what she is currently doing at the MoM Art Annex, while building MOMentum for the museum to grow in St. Petersburg.

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