The annex is the live/work/residency space of artist Martha Joy Rose. Schedule an appointment by writing: or text/call 207.504.3001.

538 28th St. N. St. Petersburg, Florida 33713 to schedule your visit or trip today.

Each visit includes a tour of the latest M.O.M. exhibits, conversations about the Art, Science, and History of American motherhood and the multicultural family. Try on a pregnancy vest and explore the objects on display. There is an extensive library with films on a wide variety of topics, research materials from the Demeter Press Collection.

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At M.O.M. we aim to start great conversations, feature thought-provoking exhibits, and share information and education in a friendly, non-judgemental atmosphere.

Make a donation to M.O.M.’s ongoing work! $15 is suggested but there is no required specific amount. We look forward hearing from you!


The M.O.M. Museum Art Annex opened its doors on January 1, 2017. The new hours are by appointment only. You must call ahead or e-mail.

Our new Live/Work space is pioneered by M. Joy Rose. Over the last year or two, an explosion in mother-making-art has taken place across England and America. Most recently, The Mother House (a summer experiment by Dyana Gravina and the Procreate Project, Nicola Smith and We Are Resident, as well as others, have inspired and connected art, motherhood, and the greater cultural community.

In 2016 a presentation by Sarah Black called “Mother As Curator” at the Annual Academic M.O.M. Conference described her home environment as a video, art, installation, and inter-generational family experience. Her treatise declared that as an artist, she “blurs the boundaries of art, and the personal, family and audience, narrative and auto-biographic practices.”She states that as a “performance maker, she explores the home as both a physical and a metaphysical structure to house the work.” In this way, spaces are informed and co-created by those who participate in its interiors, but similarly, its interiors also hold a template for studying the things it contains from a distance.

As part of The Arts Enclave of Historic Kenwood, in the city of St. Petersburg, this new location aspires to be several things: an ongoing place to study women, motherhood, fatherhood, and family; an arts annex, preserving and interpreting objects for public consumption; a place of learning; a place to gather; and mostly, a template for all the possibilities to come, as M.O.M. continues to grow and thrive.

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