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Are you looking to connect with others over your experiences as a woman, m/other, feminist and/or friend? Are you looking for a deeper level of communication that involves opening up about your personal journey, while learning about fun, cool, smart stuff locally?

Welcome to the St. Petersburg Mothers’ Club, where everyone is welcome. If you crave heartfelt conversation, personal growth, and an opportunity to explore the nuances of m/otherhood, women’s history, and feminism while navigating your individual well-being, this is the place for you!

The St. Petersburg Mothers’ Club aims to be your resource for ongoing resource-building and relationship-making right here in the sunshine city. Whether you are a person interested in lively discussion, information, and community, a new mom or your baby birds have flown the coup, someone exploring reproductive identity, or childless by choice, we hope to create a safe and inclusive space for dialogue, learning, and fun.


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Feminist Playdates

Tea Parties

Special events

Annual Motherhood Hall of Fame

Museum of Motherhood Events

$30 annual dues

Scenes From Events Around Town: NYC, Florida & More

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