Museums Connect

WHO: Twelve students, ages 16 to 18, from each country will participate, and 2 university students, ages 19 – 22, will serve as mentors throughout the project, and 1 program director

WHAT: Monthly 3 hour workshops:

15 minutes: Meet and greet in person
½ hour: Share information sent from the collaborating country (introduce paired partnerships between girls)
½ hour: Art introduction with visuals and text (During this time, the group leader will share the artwork and introduce corresponding topical issues (week by week)
45 minutes: Guided group discussion – Video portions of this for posting on FB

ART: 45 minutes: work as individuals or as a group making fast art that corresponds to the topic (different each time)
CULTURAL COMMUNITY: 15 minutes: Share your projects on our FB page (2xs during the year send mailings to the other country)

September Invitation to Participate Online application portal
October Introductions


Our Bodies Ourselves – Introduction to each other, our female bodies, and our identity

Femail Art-making – Paper Collage & Postal Mailing Museums_Connect_FeMail

November Visibility/Invisibility Our Bodies Ourselves – Book (Birth Control)

Mirta Kupfeminc – Sculpture & Video

December The Changing Body Period Art & The Red Tent
January Pregnancy Beth Goobic – Metamorphose Ceramics
February Birth Madson OmanhneSelf
March Skills Cultural Reproducers – Multiple Artists

Femail Art-making – Paper Collage & Postal Mailing

April Economics Alexia Nye Jackson – Mother The Job, All Day Video
May Generations & Relatives Sarah Nicolls – Weightlessness (Music)
June Self: Identity & Connection Artist Alana Ruben Free: Presence = Present
July Students Travel USA, Venezuela
August Final Exhibit on Display Both Countries