Ole Time Objects

  • Wax uterus and breast offering from Fatima, Portugal for the Virgin Mary. [Do not touch please]



  • 1920’s baby glass Happy Baby bottle. [LINK for more info: Baby Bottle Museum, England, The Journal of Perinatal Education].
  • A sad iron from the 1800s. Sad is an obsolete term that means heavy and solid. Even after the 1882 invention of the electric iron, sad irons were dowry staples. Lucky was the bride who scored more than one sad iron so she could keep one or more irons on her open fire or wood-burning stove while she used another iron to press the family’s clothes. This, of course, after making the clothes, boiling the water, scrubbing the clothes and hanging them to dry. More at this LINK.

– Try sitting in the birthing chair from Kenya [LINK for more about birth positions].