We assert that humans have more in common with each other than they have differences. By focusing on our connections, we counter narratives that seek to separate and divide us. At MoM our guiding premise is that we are all connected through birth and our shared humanity. Every person shares this truth. It is possible for people to learn from each other and support each other’s activities once common connections are established. You are invited to step into the egg and envision a more compassionate humanity.

Presence = Presence Sculpture

The Presence=Present sculpture, by Alana Ruben Free, inspires peace and connection symbolically and practically. Its egg shape reminds us of our origins. The rounded edges encircle us. We are called to utter words of love. Children of all ages to experience parents more compassionately and parents experience their offspring similarly. Families are transformed and communities are impacted. MoM supports these transformation by nurturing activities within safe space so that these insights can establish roots and permeate the larger community as a whole. Our programs elucidate our commonalities through multiple programs we have successfully launched. We are currently fundraising for this initiative.

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