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We love to hear your voices, share your thoughts, and amplify your voices. You are the change-makers of the world. – YOU ARE THE WORLD = We are your witnesses and advocates. Therefore, we’ve invented a position and platform for a weekly MOMbassadorship. Please meet Beth Rose. We’re really looking forward to hearing what she has to share each week! Sometimes that means cool advice, sometimes that means asking the right questions, and often that means telling it like it is. Find her, and us, on Instagram @MuseumOfMotherhood. You can also tag us with your posts!
(877) 711-6667 (MOMS)

A Museum of Motherhood Mombassador is a scholar, artist, healthcare worker, or layperson, invested in elucidating the experiences of women and mothers by offering hope, help, and wisdom. In general, this position benefits museum of motherhood visitors as well as the individual (or organization) creating the content. We are aiming to leverage engagement opportunities on a wide variety of topics relevant to self-identified mothers in the areas of art, science, her story, Mother Studies, family studies, health, and activism. Share some news, rant, rave, rage, or register a fascinating fact, guest blog feature (no advertising stuff unless it is truly helpful). Apply to be a MOMbassador or ask a question.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. YOU ARE IMPORTANT. WE CARE ABOUT YOU AND VALUE YOU! Share your story with us and we will publish it here if we can. Meanwhile, leverage a poem, a prayer, a bit of insight, or a dream. It will be received with care & concern.