Spirited Woman Residency at M.O.M.


Spirited Woman has created a program through the Museum of Motherhood to honor a mother for the next chapter of her life. Offering a woman a chance to speak her voice, walk her path, gain time away for reflection and writing are paramount. At Spirited Woman we believe that every woman has a right to be heard and that every woman has a voice, and that in the case of the Spirited Woman Residency, the voice should be allowed to flourish and thrive through guided, intensive experience. The residency offers a sacred space, in a creative environment, with the objective of fulfilling personal dream-goals.


The Sisterhood of the Sacred Scarves honors women through scarf and ceremony. The Spirited Woman Prayer Scarf is a symbol of spirit, empowerment, and beauty. To date, there have been 18 scarves each with a different theme. 1000s have been sold worldwide, connecting women together energetically.

Spiritually and socially conscious sisters proudly wear our prayer scarves as a symbol of support at gatherings, marches, retreats and in spirit around the world.The scarves themselves have been blessed – each carries sacred energy. A portion of each scarf is donated to the Spirited Woman Foundation to help heal and support women through actions of empowerment.

This is a Mother’s Day gift for the entire year. It is so filled with meaning – a gift both can share and help others at the same time. By wearing the scarf you will be making a statement of sacred love – together. What a beautiful message to give our daughters, our sisters, our friends, and our divine sacred selves who are constantly birthing a new and more enlightened planet.

The New Spirited Woman Prayer Scarf – “AWAKENED ENERGY”

This is our 18th scarf! I am very excited to share this scarf with you. It completely suits us at this time in our lives. It represents in so many ways our healing power as women. We are so needed now, more than ever. We really are. We are sacred. We are sisters. It is up to us to awaken this earth. NOW. More than ever. The number 18 is so significant too. It reflects “to life.”

Filled with a vibrational quality all its own, the sheer, soft-to-the touch, Viscose scarf comes in three color palettes for spring. As I did with our other scarves, once you chose your scarf (s), I will send you the scarf that I am moved to send you by spirit. These scarves have been on a blessed journey and I do catch vibes as I hold them.

I love the very magical Tree of Life Meditation Heart that I purchased to go along with the scarf. It has an array of shimmery colors and its energy feels blessed and loving. The heart is hand-designed. Perfect for a meditation altar, a sacred gift, or any cherished space. 3-in wide.

You can wear AWAKENED ENERGY many ways, plus it’s easy to travel in. What a treasured gift to give to someone special!


Dawn first visited the new Museum Art Annex, which is the personal live/work space of M. Joy Rose in February 2017. There was an instant connection between Dawn’s bright and curious personality and the spirit of the Museum, which had recently relocated to St. Petersburg, Florida. Museum founder, M. Joy Rose and Dawn brainstormed on ways for Dawn to introduce her work at the upcoming annual MOM Conference. That experience quickly evolved into dual participation at the AEHK Art Tour in which Ms. Rose presented new art-works, and Ms. Parker dialogued with interested attendees.

Dawn impressed me from the moment I met her, says Rose. I could perceive that she was thinking deeply about her life and was committed to the next stage of her journey, namely that she had dedicated much of her life to raising her child (who is now a successful filmmaker living in California), and that she was ready to come into her own power. She was very focused on the next steps that would help her activate four years of writing, spiritual evolution, and prepare her to successfully launch her new career as an author and inspirational teacher.

Dawn Louise Parker

Ms. Parker is a native Floridian. She is a writer, intuitive problem solver, empathetic public relations expert, thought provoker, outdoor beachy sun lover, wildish nature nurturer, and is a fiercely independent self-starter. For over four years she has been working on a self-healing writing project titled, “Forty-Seven Days of Love”. The project journals her soulful search to find self-love as a way to heal emotional wounds and heartbreak, anxiety, low self-esteem, negative self-image and relational dysfunction.

Speaking at The Academic MOM Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida inspired Dawn to enroll in the SHFT Catalyst Coaching Intensive to become a certified life coach. She is currently a contributing author to their blog on SHFT.us.

Dawn wants everyone to know how blessed she feels to receive the Spirited Woman Residency Scholarship from Nancy Mills! (thespiritedwoman.com). This gift, says Dawn, will allow me to focus on my writing while remembering my very spiritual connection to not only my life but the lives of women everywhere. I plan on wearing my scarf while I write and on making it part of my daily ritual. I also plan on conducting one workshop focused on women’s issues here at M.O.M over the summer.

When asked why are you a Spiritual Woman?” Dawn responded:

“I am a Spirited Woman because my story is a story of transformation. I have not sugar-coated the raw emotion, love, heartache, and pain that were part of this ongoing healing. I want to share my evolution towards a purer heart, focused on compassion, while seeking forgiveness. I celebrate the glimpses of triumphant peace that I am always arriving at. Telling my story comes directly through an intimate connection with divine love, which is the source of light that runs through every human heart. I know we are not meant to do this life alone. I want to share the knowledge that each of us matters, that our hearts are precious, that each person’s story is important, and that feelings are valid. I want each and every one of us to know that we are capable of living in the light and that we are meant to shine.” ~ Dawn Parker. May 2017 INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK


The Museum of Motherhood (M.O.M.) is an exhibition and education center dedicated to the exploration of family – past, present, and future with a focus on women, mothers, and families.

M.O.M.’s mission is to start great conversations, feature thought-provoking exhibits, and share information and education about women, mothers, and families.

The Museum of Motherhood is made possible by the Motherhood Foundation Inc. – is a certified nonprofit 501c3 that creates, produces and presents artistic, educational and cultural content that studies and supports mothers and their activities. MFI disseminates information about mothers for broad public consumption while paying tribute to mothers (Moms) free of age, race and socio-economic barriers. MFI cares about and acts upon the status of women while celebrating their courage, fortitude, and ingenuity, and while addressing important issues, creating meaningful content, and providing compelling community experiences

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