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Pippa Best – Story of Mum
Kyleann Burtt for her mother – Larice Burtt
Micheline Van Hautem – beautiful, amazing muse and mother
Lauren Mazer – Friend of M.O.M. Congratulations on having two beautiful children, Zach Kurnov and Raina Kurnov
Bertha Genevieve Rose, Martha Rose Timmons, Nancy Rose Ludowise
Jill Drucker – Friend of M.O.M. and new mother
Cindy Herr-Pino In Honor of Addie Lou Herr
Jamie McGurk, in honor of sister, Maura McGurk
In honor of Zachary Kurnov’s 2nd birthday ’12
In honor of Sarina Appel’s Birthday, from Samantha Watson ’12
Andrea, Drew & Wendy Ann in honor of our loving mom, Regina Macko
Larice Burtt
Alyson Palmer & RubyJ
Judith Asphar
Diana White
Ali Smith
Lisa Hannah
Golden Gate Summer Shootout Foundation, Inc.
Diana Nhuch in honor of my mom, Olga Miller
Amy Simon
Laura Endacott in honor of Mrs. Aline Ednacott
Lynn Barbuto
Jennifer Edwards
Lynn Kuechle for Lorain Larson
Dr. Andrea O’Reilly, Anonymous
For Joy RoseJudy Davids & The Mydols
Suzanne Dawson in memory of Anne Rosenberg
Dale Longworth in memory of Anthony DeFranza & Patricia Alequin
Catherine Brabec
Alayne Katz
Sandy Wilcox
Michelle Christie
Lucinda Marshall for her Mom Maxine Marshall
Jacki Kane Sturkie
Kelly Chirico in honor of Maureen Miller
Michelle Pena in honor of Dorothy Graf
Arminda Rogers from her daughter Christina Markun
In memory of Mary Theresa Harkins


Extended Family ~ $50- $100

Aaron Hara, a Dad and Husband that inspires many others
Nanette Fondas
Edna Alve
Drusilla Lawton, loving mother of Alexei, Justin, Miles & Luke
Ms. Alexis Pearce, Happy Birthday from your cousin Paula Caplan
Vivienn Fusman, Remembering My Beautiful, Beloved Mother
Leah White
Lindsay Todd, in memory of my mother Judith Gearing Spano
Lisa Jane Lipkin
Violet Krans
In Honor Of My Mothering InspirationGenevieve Blackwood by Rachel Besser
Happy Mother’s Day, by Melissa Ayotte
In Honor of Sharon Bailey – Happy Mother’s Day! I believe celebrating mothers and the work of motherhood as not only valuable but essential, is a widely healing act that will result in more peaceful communities. Celebrate with me. xo
In Honor of Phoebe Snow, a devoted mother & gifted musician, RIP 4/26/2011; from Joy Rose
Marcela Landres
in memory of Anna Zinkand
Personal Note: Anna Zinkand beloved mother of Ken, Tom, Martin, Dennis & Kathy and grandmother of Kerry, Ken, Karen, Tom, Brandt, Kristen, Andrew, Stephen & Christopher; Sept 16, 1916-Feb 10, 2011
Renate Seeberger-Farmer in memory of Justine Seeberger
Ali Smith for Mary Smith
Donation in honor of Gillian Crane
Barbara Glickstein for Ann Glickstein
Paula Caplan for Theda Ann Karchmer Caplan;
Esther Shana Milner Karchmer;
Julia Caplan Stephenson;
Esther Fujiwara.
Alice Marpet
Maria Matias
Gertrude Gorbach Caplan
Suzanne Dawson
Carl Hovey is an awesome (M)other!


Aunt ~ $150 – $250

Tara Harkins, in Memory of Mary Theresa Harkins
Robert Hausmann


Sister ~ $250 – $500

Cheryl Griffith – Loved by The Rose/Marpets in purpetuity
Alexis Chapman- in honor of Marti Chapman
Fredi Kirk – loving mother, in memoriam by Judith Cascone
Alyson Palmer – artist, activist, rock star & Mamapalooza Maven.


Founding Legacy Member ~ $1,000

Procter & Gamble
Joy Rose Sr., in memoriam;
Florence Hartpence Greist
Joy Rose Jr
Suzanne Dawson
Lynn Kuechle
Carol Evans
Jill Starishevsky
Find out more about our ‘Founding Legacy Member‘ Program


Patron ~ $2,500


Hall Of Fame ~ $5,000 


Benefactors & Corporate Partners

Gymboree – 
Debra Whitefield & Barry Hanson


Ongoing Contributors ~ Priceless

Joy Rose for her Mother Joy and the Women of Mamapalooza
Gillian Crane for her mother
Cara Leigh Battaglia
Jennifer Edwards for time and service towards M.O.M. since 2004

Summer Soiree Supporters
Felecia Sternbach
Erin Fleming
Cathy Rogers
Erica J. Nadell
Irene Kheradi
Amy Wells
Robin G. London
Leslie Rolinson
Marianne Messina
Jacqui Everett
Christy Quartlebaum
Myra Oney
Melissa Feinberg
Sandra Beach
Marlee Zweifach
Stacy Hendrie
Marjorie Tesser
Catherine Ghalebi
Delores Clark
Kathleen Yizar
Carol Evans
Heather Buyers
Taryn Vanderberg
Diana Suero
Gillian Crane
Nancy Intrator
Lorraine Slepian
Nicola Smith-DeFreitas
Stephanie Kulsha
Pamela Cucinell
Bonnie’s Herbals
Mary Kay
Cookie Lee
Shelly’s Lingerie
Eve’s Creations
New York Sports Club
Club Fit Briarcliff
Izzy B’s Cakes
Rochelle Togo-Figa
M.O.M. Conference Presenters 2009

Dr. Gina Wong-Wylie
Dr. Phyllis Chesler
Jill Brooke
Rachel Epp Butler
Jes Wright
Lynda Ross
Laura Tropp
Anastacia Kurylo
Sara Graefe
Darcey West
Laura Endacott
Polly Wood
Betsy Duncan Diehl
Alice Elman
Jose Pruden
Nancy Gerber
Jody Hedley-Ward
Dr. Angela Huntsman
Lynn Kuechle
Skye White
Ella Dreyfus
Toni Wilkinson
Nicola Pitt
Kelli Hanson
Emily Butler
Margaret Bernstein
Jennifer Rawlings
Christine Jonas-Simpson
Ester Austin
Camille Wilson Cooper
Kim Jennings
Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie
Dr. Courtney Weida
Ali Smith
Rebekah Spicgulia
Alana Ruben Free

Annual Membership ~ $100

*M = Member
(M, ’12); Virginia McVeigh
(M, ’12); Katie Wells
(M, ’12); Amelia Gewirtz
(M, ’12); MIRCI
(M, ’12); Lauren Mazer-Kurnov
(M, ’11); Loraine Larson
(M, ’11); Lisa Shaheen

Academic Membership ~  (Long Distance)

(12) Kate Farrell – Editor, Wisdom Has A Voice

The museum ensures its ongoing success through the cultivation of multiple layers of fundraising and giving. We welcome donations in any amount and are pleased to honor a person of note on our website ‘Tribute Wall‘ for donations as low as $25. Our legacy is dependent your your generosity.

Payment links at the bottom of this page

Friends – $25; Online acknowledgement and/or email or USPS acknowledgement.

Extended Family – $50+; Online acknowledgement and/or email or USPS letter of acknowledgement, plus M.O.M. bumper sticker.

Membership – $100; Online listing and access to discounted museum opportunities and M.O.M. backpack.

Matriarch – $500; Online acknowledgement, special access to select events hosted at M.O.M. and letter of acknowledgement, plus special museum gift.

Founding Legacy Member – $1,000; Acknowledgement with a beautiful plaque on the ‘Wall Of Fame’, with a take-home commemorative statue. Red rose and champagne induction ceremonies throughout the year.

Patron – $2,500; Patron’s Club privileges. Patrons and accompanying guests may enjoy select spirits and fine wines, with personal tours during hours when the museum is generally closed to the public. Patrons are invited each year to an annual luncheon buffet the second week in February. Acknowledgement listed on website and in annual report.

Hall Of Fame – $5,000; Plaque on the museum’s ‘Wall Of Fame’, induction ceremony with take home commemorative statue, Working Mother Luncheon and walk down the red carpet, acknowledgement from stage at this gathering of 1,000 +. Acknowledgement listed on website and in annual report. Included Patron’s Club privileges.

Benefactors and Corporate Partners: or call 877.711.MOMS (6667)

Scroll through Paypal link below for: Donation, Membership, Conference & Ticket Options



Annual Membership $100.00Day Conference $55.00Museum Backpack & Name on Legacy Wall $50.00Special Programs $30.00Name on Legacy Wall $25.00General Donation $15.00


Donations, endowments and purchases exceeding $500, please contact us directly at

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