“Words of Love” & Motherhood Archetypes/2015 Biennale of Contemporary Jewish Art in Jerusalem

Invitation to Participate:

We are seeking American collaborators for the “Words of Love” exhibit as part of Motherhood Archetypes in Contemporary Jewish Art was accepted to partake in the 2015 Biennale of Contemporary Jewish Art in Jerusalem!

The exhibition opening date is Sept. 24, 2015.
The closing date is Nov. 5, 2015.

The exhibition will be held at Hechal Shlomo, 58 King George St., Jerusalem, Israel in partnership with the Museum of Motherhood. Other participating venues include the David Citadel Museum, The Italian Museum, The North-African Center, and The “First Station”.

I have committed to reaching out to you as part of the American collaboration to create and display “Words of Love.” These words, once gathered through a partnership of Museum of Motherhood committee members will be projected onto the wall of the museum entrance as part of the exhibit. We will ask participants to gather words of love to project as part of the Hechal Shlomo exhibit. You will be listed as a “sponsor,” “partner,” or “committee member” depending on which category you most fit into.

  • A Committee Member; an individual who helps to align us with institutions that can be partners or sponsors
  • Partner; an institution or organization committed to helping to gather “Words of Love.”
  • Sponsor; a financial commitment of $1,500 or more
  • Sponsor/Partner; an institution, organization, or individual that does both of the above things

The words of love will be collected September 10- November 24 (8 weeks). During the time of the exhibit messages will be forwarded either via e-mail or actually mixed through a digital program, and projected from a TWITTER Account, which will be set up for the exhibit.

In this virtual exhibit women (and men) affirm their distinctly maternal wishes for a global family that honors mothers, our planet, and the sacred. Together we are birthing a new world in which the sacred feminine will be lifted up and children will live together in peace, safety, and harmony. We create this world through our intentions, speech, and actions.

We will offer people an opportunity to make a donation through web links provided as part of the exhibit, which can be built, and then streamed online.

I am reaching out to my contacts: in the digital humanities at CUNY, The Graduate Center and beyond, and The Jewish Museum, JOFA (Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance), The PJ Library (Jewish Books for Children), and two major synagogues here in NYC, which my museum advisory board members belong to.

I hope you will consider becoming involved in this wonderful project.

Finally, as an artist: I am Martha Joy Rose, BFA, MA. I have spent the last twenty six years birthing children, art, and activism. I believe in a more musical, more peaceful and more educated planet. My curatorial creations have been featured at universities across America; in New York City, as part of the Museum of Motherhood; and in Seneca Falls, NY, home to the women’s suffragette movement. Annual open-venues featuring music, poetry, literature, and family-friendly activities comprise both the MaMaPaLooZa Festival; which has taken place in four countries and over 25 cities since its inception in 2002, and the Annual Academic M.O.M. Conference (2005-ongoing). I am especially passionate about temporal exhibitions- drawing on the history of the philosopher, troubadour, musician, or roving story-teller. These motivate people towards emotional, social, or political change without structurally affecting the environment. They can also simply inspire fun and invite joy into our lives. In these cases, the ephemeral transpires organically within time and space– emulating the qualities, as well as the nature, of the human life trajectory.

I have attached a photo of the imagined exhibit, as well as a link that displays the proposal as it was approved, and as it will be included in this 2015 Biennale of Contemporary Jewish Art in Jerusalem!

With Great Warmth – M. Joy Rose
Proposal Mother Archetypes in Contemporary Jewish Art 11.5.15

be83f36849f3a96d9f90a99fdda85513-1Ima: Mom. Such a simple word. Primal. Unifying. Every person has a Mom.
Mom is a word that touches the core of individual identity. Human identity. Jewish identity. Mom as a concept reflects the ability to contain, physically and emotionally,

to nourish and mirror. Mom provides the energy for growth, the power to turn primeval potential into concrete accomplishments.

Ima Iyla’a is a completely different concept. She is the Kabbalistic esoteric Supernal Mother associated with the Shechina. The Holy Presence.
Ima Iyla’a is the feminine aspect of the Divine Creation, an essential archetype of one of the foundations of the world, and a spiritual force that vitalizes it. Ima Iyla’a is Hidden. Celestial. She is Bina, Deep Understanding, Unconditional Love. Ima Iyla’a is a Secret.

The exhibition invites the visitors to search and explore similarities and differences between these two contrasting aspects of Motherhood: The real Ima, and the ideal Ima Iyla’a – the concrete and the sublime, the mundane and the exalted. The revealed and the hidden. The exhibition examines the concept and metaphor of Motherhood as an essence and as an experience, from internal and external perspectives.

The exhibition raises questions, presents enigmas and visual interpretations. It challenges the concept of motherhood that is so obvious, and yet so incomprehensible.


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