Me, We, Women

A contemporary gaze into feminist art is both subjective and objective, either from female artists or social collective lenses. Lucy R. Lippard stated in 1980 that feminist art was ‘neither a style nor a movement but instead a value system, a revolutionary strategy, a way of life.” Staring with “ME” (the individual), and “WE” (the community), to “WOMEN” (the entire female as half the population), a sequential contemplation focusing on various perspectives and creativities from female artists worldwide is highlighted. Eleven female artists from different nations and cultural backgrounds bring us the reflection of how contemporary feminist art shapes life and art from diverse angles yet to reach a pluralistic interconnection. This project is a part of the MOM Internship Program with Li Yang.

Schedule of ArtistsDate
Trish Morrissey3.29-4.4
Olé Viravong Scovill4.5-4.11
Xu Xiaoqi4.12-4.18
LaRissa Rogers4.19-4.25
Yue Mingyue4.26-5.2
Luisa Callegari5.3-5.9
Li Jun5.10-5.16
Jennifer Long5.17-5.23
Vera Stanković5.24-5.30
Linda Clark5.31-6.6
Robyn Leroy-Evans6.7-6.13
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