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  • 12 Days of Gender Studies- 10 Lords & A Long Way To Go!

    Long Way To Go By Laura O’Neill The plight of women has been a long one. Giving life to men who have no empathy ain’t fun. The first waves of feminism began in 1820. But it’s been two hundred years, and we still can’t get equal money. All women have faced the struggle. But black […]

  • 12 Days of Gender Studies Continued… 11 Pipers Piping

    As the song goes: Day 11: 11 pipers piping Day 12: 12 drummers drumming. . . . Growing up in a Household Full of Boys By Melanie Alberto People always ask me “What is it like growing up in a household with all boys?” And I, of course, knew the answer to that. Growing up […]

  • 12 Days of Gender Studies

    The holiday season is upon us. You know the song: The Twelve Days of Christmas. This year we’ve got a little twist. I’ve been teaching “Codes of Gender” at Manhattan College since August and the students have presented a number of ideas, poems, manifestos, and in-class presentations that explain some of their thoughts and interpretations […]

  • Support the Mother [LINK]

    The Mother House (London), is the world’s first affordable artists studio model with integrated childcare, where children are welcome into the workspace. A crowdfunding campaign for the Mother House studio, with the prime aim to open the first permanent space in London in 2019 and complete the Tool Kit for the National and international replication […]

  • M.A.M.A. Charlotte Morrison: A personal account of a developing practice & Kristin Roedell

    Years ago, some of my first serious art pieces were about the experiences of giving birth. I was intrigued by what happens when you merge a personal life event with the medical file that accompanied it. Red ink flowed onto thick paper while a crisp pen scribbled medical notes onto a bleached-out body. Those early […]

  • The Journal of Mother Studies 3rd Edition 2018, Residencies, and More

    JOURMS: The Journal of Mother Studies (JourMS) 2018 is currently published online. Special thanks to Candace Lecco for her work as editor and to all our authors and editorial volunteers. Find out more here: LINK                                 RESIDENCIES AT MOM ART […]


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