MOM is an interdisciplinary center with a focus on conception, procreation, and the science of the human body. The panel below is part of our onsite tour at the MoM Art Annex where we discuss some of the historical implications of childbirth as well as some of the most contemporary advances in IVF, bio bags, and trans birth to name a few. We are all part of one BIG HUMAN FAMILY.

Multiple Childbirth, Fertility, and Fetal Displays

We appreciate our individual difference while acknowledging our shared destiny within the cycle of life, which includes pre-conception, birth, and death as well as all our ages and stages in-between. We explore the emotional, physical, experiential, developmental, circumstantial, and even the spiritual aspects of our existence individually and collectively though conversation, education, exhibits, and introspection.

At MoM, we focus on tools that support our collective evolution by increasing understanding and awareness. We shine our light into the all-consuming ubiquitous nature of being made (and unmade). We explore our collective source of agony and euphoria, pain and delight as well as the facts as they present themselves: Women have birthed the world. Our families have (in some way or other) defined us. Our genetic heritage is present even as we struggle to find our voices, articulate our lived-experiences, and harmonize our truths.

At MoM children of all ages are invited to explore sociological theory, historical comparisons, artistic interpretations, and scientific discovery. This is liberation through illumination. Get out your flashlights – we’re going in!

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