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Do you know your ‘women’s herstory’?

In order to understand the profound impact women’s history has had on our policies, culture, and world, it is important to discern the multiple waves of feminism, the fight for the freedoms we enjoy today, and the manner in which women’s struggles for equality have been challenged, and continue to be challenged, even in contemporary society. Below is an overly simplified, yet effective overview of the four U.S. feminist waves, for students of all ages! Scroll through the six slides below to get an idea of where we’ve been and where we hope to go in the journey towards equality for all.

At MoM, our focus is primarily on the last 200 years of American Motherhood. Although we invite exhibitions from around the world, most of our collections are centered on women’s domestic labor. We trace the agricultural, industrial, and service economies as they developed throughout contemporary society tracing the threads of Western Culture as it has been informed by religious, moral, social, and cultural doctrine. Mostly, we are interested in exploring women and home and in society, with a special interest on the sociology of what we call the Founding Mothers, pictured below as part of our exhibition at USF (University of Southern Florida), Women’s and Gender Centennial of Women’s Right to Vote (2020-21).


Women’s history is full of activist moments. These moments are further elucidated through the feminist/activist waves. MoM is proud to feature, artist Alexia Nye Jackson’s work: Mother the Job onsite at the MOM Art Annex as part of our permanent collection. Watch the video here:

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