MoM Pop Up!

MoM at The Factory!

Living our values of education, inspiration, and compassion. Join us at The Factory, St. Pete for a year-long experience in women’s history, art, and science that is inclusive of all. We are the world!

MOM Pop Up!

MoM Pop Up! Manhattan College 2014-2019 with exhibits in O’Malley Library making way for Mother Studies in the University.

MOM Pop Up!

MoM Pop Up! Upper East Side Manhattan at 401 E. 84th St. 2011-2014. Serving the intersection of the Bronx, Harlem, Brooklyn, and Westchester with events, exhibits, and activities centered on women, mothers, and families.

MOM Pop Up!

MoM Pop Up! Seneca Falls, NY window exhibits summer 2010 in collaboration with MaMaPaLooZa and the Museum of Motherhood.