Future of MOM

WE ARE “Pregnant with Possibilities

MOM seeks to expand to a larger space

STEP ONE: Build a Fundraising Committee to enact the first steps of gaining monetary support and awareness towards this project

STEP TWO: Establish action items with this committee to actually raise funds. This includes fundraising events, media campaigns, and activating our efforts towards grant writing.

STEP THREE: Hire the architect, obtain civic support from the City of St. Pete, and initiate plans for construction 2025.


WHO: The Museum of Motherhood is the first and only exhibition and education center devoted to elucidating the art, science, and history of m/others inclusive of all reproductive identities.

WHY: To oversee the permanent establishment of a world-class International Museum to house our permanent collection, increase our capacity for visitors, host our conferences as well as our classes & events, educate pregnant parents, support those engaging in activities centered around identity and culture in a safe and inclusive environment, provide a welcoming space that local community members can utilize, and to serve as an international global destination.

JOIN US: Please consider joining our Fundraising Committee (You do not need to be local to St. Pete)

Pregnant with Possibilities: Rendering by Nick Ribera Chain Assembly LLC ©Museum of Motherhood 2021

MOM is a “living space”, organized and activated by scholars, artists, students, and
volunteers invested in its wellbeing. MOM has an ongoing mission of being accessible to the public, and
open to evolving, interdisciplinary perspectives of women and families on an ongoing basis in perpetuity.
The “living space” status means that new directions, goals, and implementation of projects will be
collaboratively planned and executed by a rotating group of individuals who agree to invest in MOM’s
ongoing success while using their individual assets to reach a broader audience. We welcome community
members to our Living Museum Board annually.
Pregnant with Possibilities: Rendering by Nick Ribera Chain Assembly LLC ©Museum of Motherhood 2021