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Each year since 2005, the Museum of Motherhood has worked in collaboration with local universities to plan, create, and produce The Annual Arts and Academic MoM Conference, supporting academic excellence and creative collaboration in the area of Mother Studies. Organizers work with academics, students, and performance artists to create experiences that are both educational in nature, and supportive of womyn in the arts. The International Museum Of Motherhood (MoM) is a living, breathing, community-centered arts, media and social change space focused on amplifying the voices and experiences of m/others as well as those exploring reproductive identities. By connecting interdisciplinary research, creativity, and promotions in the field of Mother Studies we pioneer new areas of academe, and manage a safe and inclusive space (online and in person) so that those invested in these areas of investigation will have the opportunity for personal expression in a collaborative community environment. The conference is open to all. Conference presenters (including students) are invited to submit to the Journal of Mother Studies (JourMS) a hybrid digital humanities project.

Threads of Connection–Sorry/Not Sorry: Confronting mother (and other) blame–healing & resistance in contemporary culture and beyond.

St. Petersburg, Florida & Online

March 22-24, 2024

CFP – Deadline, Dec. 15


The Museum of Motherhood is calling all scholars, artists, and community members for presentations and papers on the subject of mother (and other) blame, shame and pain, with a focus on resistance and healing.

Blame and shame can be self-imposed or projected by dominant social narratives that hyper-focus on the performative nature of motherhood as reinforced by unrealistic hegemonic constructions. This can be true for adult children reviewing familial relationships as well.

This international call for papers invites sociologists, maternal psychologists, philosophers, anthropologists, women’s sexuality and gender professors, masculinity studies experts, birth-workers, doctors, researchers, and lay-people to share their work.

We encourage presenters to unpack the sociocultural domain of mother (and other) blame and the psychological, personal, professional, and media environment within which this topic is situated. Who is harmed by blame, and whom does it serve? How are oppressive systems reinforced or even sustained? How can we resist or dismantle these systems in large and small ways? What forms of resistance, peace-making, and healing can help improve our relationships?

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Annual Academic Conference Organizing Committee:

For questions e-mail queries to the anyone on the conference organizing committee:

Aurelie Athan – Ph.D. is a full-time lecturer and MA Program Coordinator in Clinical Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University []

Hannah Brockbank – NEW! Ph.D. Hannah is a freelance writer, editor, and researcher from the UK. Her research interests include: matrifocal narratives, matricentric feminism, testimony, autoethnographic writing, birth trauma and material culture. 

Elizabeth Marian Charles, MFA, is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Instruction at University of South Florida and a PhD student in Rhetoric and Composition. She teaches first year composition and professional and technical writing, and runs community creative writing workshops.

Michelle Hughes Miller – Associate Professor in Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, US

Joy Rose – Founding Director, Museum of Motherhood, New York, NY, US []


Laura Tropp – Faculty, University Administration, Cultural Historian, University of Connecticut, Stamford.

In addition to submissions for the annual conference, we welcome a wide range of research, articles, art, and books for review at the Journal of Mother Studies (JourMS). Please consider sharing your work for publication at JourMS online. For your submission, we will ask you some questions:

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Roksana Badruddoja – Associate Professor, Sociology and Women and Gender Studies, Manhattan College, Bronx, NY, US.

Gina Wong – Registered Psychologist, Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Disciplines at Athabasca University, CA []

Lynda Ross – Associate Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies, Chair, Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies, Athabasca University, CA  [}

Joy Baum – Adjunct Faculty; Arts In Education Teacher Training at Queens College, CUNY, NY []

Lynn Kuechle – Coordinator, Taylor Nursing Institute for Family and Society, Minnesota State University, Mankato, Minnesota, US []

Amber Blair – Part-time Faculty, Sociology & Anthropology, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA, US []

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