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Each Year the Museum of Motherhood works with academic partners and collaborators to create the Annual Academic M.O.M. Conference (2005-2016).

In 2017 the Museum relocated to St. Petersburg, Florida. We will commence with hosting a new annual I Annual Academic M.O.M. Conference. In addition conference participants are invited to publish with JourMS (the Journal of Mother Studies) for dynamic, digital peer-reviewed content in the field of Mother Studies.

The goal of the conference is to develop interdisciplinary approaches to Mother Studies and encourage information exchanges between thought-pioneers, activists, artists, academics, students on the subject of Motherhood, Fatherhood, and Family Life.

First Annual – I heart M.O.M. Conference; Art, Academics & Inspiration

St. Petersburg, FLA Feb. 10-11th, 2017 


MOM Conference

What factors, past and present, inform our new ways of understanding motherhood, fatherhood, and notions of family? The conference organizers encourage submissions that provide critical insights into mothering, fathering, and family issues; that draw direct links between theories and/or research findings; or that offer practical approaches to issues facing contemporary mothers and families. The overarching goal of this conference is to provide an environment to explore new ideas and approaches for tackling issues that concern mothers as well as important others who fill a care giving role in the family.


The Conference is open to all community members and students wishing to attend but an RSVP is required and attendance is dependent on available space.

For questions e-mail queries to

There is a power point projector, computer, and screen onsite. Bring your laptop or a zip drive, or post your material in the cloud and you will be able to present using the equipment at our location. There is some limited space for brochures, art, and books as well.
The city is an amazing place. Surely you will want to do a little exploring. We also plan on organizing a few special panels, roundtable discussions, and speakers for you, but will make sure there is time in the evenings to step out, either with conference goers or on your own.
A few of you have written saying you would love to pair with a roommate to cut down on costs. If you e-mail me directly with a request with “ROOMMATE” in the heading, I will make introductions and you can work out accommodations together.
CONFERENCE LOCATION – 538 28th St. North St. Petersburg, Florida 33713
For St. Petersburg Conference – Tampa International Airport w/Super Shuttle, Uber or rental car
For NYC Conference – New York City has two major airports: JFK and LaGuardia.
Public transportation is available from both via train, and cab.
The train from JFK is rather straightforward and costs about $7.50. I would encourage you not to be fearful about taking this option if budget is a concern. There are people at the airport who can direct you, and I’ve done this many times. Here is a link to the NYC Subway Map:
Accommodations are best found through discount sites: TravelZooKayak, and Priceline, Groupon, as well as general online searches and CheapOair.
There are many hotels in the area.


St. Petersburg Conference Organizers

Academic Committee

Joy Rose – Founding Director, Museum of Motherhood, New York, NY, US []

Lynda Ross – Associate Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies, Chair, Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies, Athabasca University, CA  [}

Sierra Schnable – Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Sociology and Criminology & Law at the University of Florida, where she studies queer reproduction and motherhood from a visual, feminist perspective. When she isn’t buried in data, she can be found playing roller derby or exploring with her dog and partner.{}

Kara Fransisco – Doctoral candidate in Sociology at the University of Florida. Her research spans across the multiple domains of health, reproduction, gender, and families, exploring what she calls the “reproductive journey.” Specifically, she explores how stigmatized identities and social forces shape reproductive experiences from conception to childbirth. {}

Annual Academic Conference Organizing Committee in New York City:

For questions e-mail queries to the anyone on the conference organizing committee:

Joy Rose – Founding Director, Museum of Motherhood, New York, NY, US []

Laura Tropp – Associate Professor and Chair, Communication Arts, Marymount Manhattan College, New York, NY, US. []

Lynn Kuechle – Coordinator, Taylor Nursing Institute for Family and Society, Minnesota State University, Mankato, Minnesota, US []

Aurelie Athan – Ph.D. is a full-time lecturer and MA Program Coordinator in Clinical Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University []

Roksana Badruddoja – Assistant Professor, Sociology, Manhattan College, Riverdale/Bronx, NY, US. []

Lynda Ross – Associate Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies, Chair, Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies, Athabasca University, CA  [}

Amber Blair – Part-time Faculty, Sociology & Anthropology, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA, US []

Joy Baum – Adjunct Faculty; Arts In Education Teacher Training at Queens College, CUNY, NY []

Gina Wong – Athabasca University, CA []



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