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Rewriting Trauma & Visibility: Motherwork, Pregnancy, and Birth

Manhattan College
Bronx, NY
APRIL 5-6 2019

The MOM Conference 2019 is sponsored by the Lasallian Women and Gender Resource Center and the Manhattan College Department of Sociology

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Each Year the Museum of Motherhood works with academic partners and collaborators to create the Annual Academic M.O.M. Conference (2005-2019).

The goal of the conference is to develop interdisciplinary approaches to Mother Studies and encourage information exchanges between thought-pioneers, activists, artists, academics, students on the subject of Motherhood, Fatherhood, and Family Life.

Conference participants are invited to publish with JourMS (the Journal of Mother Studies) for dynamic, digital peer-reviewed content in the field of Mother Studies.

The Conference is open to all community members and students wishing to attend but an RSVP is required. For questions e-mail queries to


The cost of the conference is $150 (early bird-until February 15, 2019). Beginning Feb. 16th the regular fee is $175 for those with academic funding. For artists, academics, and activists without funding, the cost is $100. Undergraduate students are free. Some scholarships are available – although donations are welcome. *We turn no one away for lack of funds.

MOM is a small non-profit and the conference is our source of donations, which we count on for operations throughout the year. Activities are open to the public at no cost by RSVP only:


 PAYMENTS: Motherhood Foundation 501c3 Paypal [LINK]

Address & Maps
4513 Manhattan College Pkwy, Bronx, NY 10471

Campus Directions
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Parking & Visitor Permits: TBA

There is a power point projector, computer, and screen onsite. Bring your laptop or a zip drive, or post your material in the cloud and you will be able to present using the equipment at our location. There is some limited space for brochures, art, and books as well.

For NYC Conference – New York City has two major airports: JFK and LaGuardia. Public transportation is available from both via train, Shuttle, Lyft, and cab.

The train from JFK is rather straightforward and costs about $7.50. I would encourage you not to be fearful about taking this option if budget is a concern. There are people at the airport who can direct you. Here is a link to the NYC Subway Map:

Accommodations and flights are best found through discount sites: TravelZooKayak, Trivago, and PricelineGroupon, as well as general online searches JustFly and CheapOair.

E-mail with a request with “ROOMMATE” in the heading and we will share with other interested attendees.


Mother Studies is a field of interdisciplinary study devoted to the issues, experiences, topics, history, and culture of mothers, mothering, and motherhood. Some proposed concepts include maternal health and well-being, reproductive justice, maternal justice, and mediating motherhood in popular culture. How do we facilitate the growth of this emerging field? How should classes, exhibitions, and mother-made media be shared? How do we teach mother studies, across domains, forums, and mediums? How can mother and/or father studies be introduced in more systematic ways, both culturally and within classrooms? If you are already teaching or researching motherhood or mothering studies, sociology of family, anthropology or psychology or making mother art, how do you approach the work? Please share. This is your forum.


2019 CFP: Calling all sociologists, women’s, sexuality, and gender scholars, masculinity studies scholars, birth-workers, doctors, maternal psychologists, motherhood and fatherhood scholars, artists, performers: This conference call for papers focuses on uncovering, naming and rewriting traumas of motherwork, pregnancy and birth. We especially aim to make visible those topics related to (dis)abilities and other marginalized positionalities, relying on Patricia Hill Collins’ conceptualization of motherwork as mothering that is designed for the survival and success of the next generation in the context of oppression. We recognize traumas in multiple forms, originating before, during, and after pregnancy and birth and throughout motherhood, contextualized by the intersectional identities of those traumatized. We encourage presenters to unpack the sociocultural domain and the medicalized environment within which traumas often occur, embracing and analyzing meaning-making, as Barbara Katz Rothman and others would have us do, in the areas of maternal health and well-being.

We intend the conference to serve as a site of resistance as we reframe and reconstruct the landscape of embodied trauma within motherwork, pregnancy and birth and the ongoing labor of mothers and caregivers everywhere. We recognize the scale, variance, and duration of birth-related and illness-related trauma and hope to support and empower those who most need it.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Intersectional identities as the context of motherwork, pregnancy and birth traumas
  • Motherwork, pregnancy and birthing with (dis-)abilities, illness, and children with special needs
  • Biomedical and cultural discourses of motherwork, pregnancy, and birth, including issues related to fertility treatment, gender identity, and intersex
    Normative constructions of gender in motherwork, pregnancy and birthing
  • Child and maternal psychology interventions, alternative therapies, and results
  • Breastfeeding ambivalence, obstacles, and outcomes
  • Future wombs, including transplants, artificial constructions, cloning, and surrogacy
  • Art as healing and activism as a visible resistance
    Embodied resistance to socially constructed proscriptions and conventions about motherwork, pregnancy, and birth, especially as contextualized within marginalized positionalities

Narratives surrounding:

  • High-risk pregnancies, pregnancy-related illnesses, and birthing complications
  • Cesarean Section, Episiotomy and other Obstetric Violence
  • Stillbirths or Therapeutic Terminations

Individuals conducting research, making art, working in the hospital or alternative birth settings, and presentations by mothers, family members, and students as well as auto-ethnographic perspectives are welcome.

All submissions for this conference should be considered for submission to the Journal of Mother Studies (JourMS), an academic, peer-reviewed journal devoted to Mother Studies. You may also submit for the conference only if you wish. Abstracts must include a title and 50-150 words for individual papers, panels, and other submission types (e.g. performance, media, music). Go to and look for the “Conference Submissions” tab or submit a word doc. to by Dec. 1

The international MOM Conference is an annual event that features research, scholarship, and creative collaboration in the area of Mother Studies. Each year, the academic committee organizes university experiences that are interdisciplinary and highlight scholarship in the area of reproductive justice, maternal health, feminist theory, gender studies, literature, and the arts. The conference is organized through the Museum Of Motherhood (M.O.M.) and has partnered with multiple institutions throughout the years (2005-present), including Manhattan College, USF Tampa, Marymount Manhattan College, Columbia, ProCreate Project, Mamapalooza, and ARM now renamed MIRCI to name a few.



Annual Academic Conference Organizing Committee in New York City:

For questions e-mail queries to the anyone on the conference organizing committee:

Joy Rose – Founding Director, Museum of Motherhood, New York, NY, US []

Roksana Badruddoja – Associate Professor, Sociology and Women and Gender Studies, Manhattan College, Bronx, NY, US. []


Michelle Hughes Miller – Associate Professor in Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, US []

Lynda Ross – Associate Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies, Chair, Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies, Athabasca University, CA  [}

Gina Wong – Registered Psychologist, Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Disciplines at Athabasca University, CA []

Laura Tropp – Associate Professor and Chair, Communication Arts, Marymount Manhattan College, New York, NY, US. []

Aurelie Athan – Ph.D. is a full-time lecturer and MA Program Coordinator in Clinical Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University []

Summer Cunningham -Assistant Professor of Communication and Affiliate Faculty in Women’s and Gender Studies at the State University of New York, College at Oneonta.[]

Student Members of the Academic Board: 
Gabriella Ramírez, Class of 2019:

David Caiafa, Class of 2019:

Evaniz Orellana, Class of 2020:




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Joy Baum – Adjunct Faculty; Arts In Education Teacher Training at Queens College, CUNY, NY []

Lynn Kuechle – Coordinator, Taylor Nursing Institute for Family and Society, Minnesota State University, Mankato, Minnesota, US []

Amber Blair – Part-time Faculty, Sociology & Anthropology, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA, US []

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