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Ally Letter

We are collecting signatures to illustrate the interest in our project and to share with our local politicians and civic leaders.

By signing this letter (online) you are agreeing that MoM should have civic, governmental, private, and institutional support in St. Petersburg, Florida, and that you believe in the importance of our mission.

Please take a moment to follow this link to sign this important letter. Every signature counts!

MoM aspires to be an ally, and advocate, and a world class international destination for those seeking to elucidate the art, science, and herstory of womyn, m/others, and families along with supporting those exploring reproductive identities. We work with interdisciplinary artists, scholars, and lay-people to put motherhood on the map in our full, realized world-class museum.

The information that follows is our introduction to the concept of being an ally with MoM:

Allies unite themselves with others to champion a common interest, they stand side by side, and sometimes roll their sleeves up and pitch in.

MoM is devoted to sharing information, exhibitions, and education with a broad audience free of discrimination and open to all in a safe environment.

We hold space for all self-identified mothers as well as those who are actively exploring identity and culture.

MoM believes that a more compassionate world is a better educated and more understanding world.

We are concerned and caring citizens of the world. By joining us you are stating your support of our project and our endeavors to grow our teaching and exhibition facility.

The MoM Team

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