Internships: Each year the Museum of Motherhood (MOM) welcomes interns from a variety of disciplines. Each internship seeks to balance individual goals and needs with those of the museums’. Study labs, online courses, individual projects, visual displays, research, and guest docent opportunities are just a few of the ways MOM has worked with university and graduate students since 2011.

The museum covers a broad spectrum of topics. An internship can be tailored to an individual’s interests and needs. Interactions from experts, professionals, artists, authors, and students are key to our mission, and we rely on volunteerism for much of our staffing. Onsite and remote internships are available. Apply by completing the form at the bottom of the page:

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Welcome Cate Baxter and Yang Li 2021. Thanks to Emily Zou, Aster Woods, and Srilagna Majumdar, Jill Pow, Ca Hoang, Carla Ferris 2020 &  Hannah Rome (MC), Vana Madhu (USF), Alexandra Valdes (USF) 2019 (New Bios posted on Padlet)

Ongoing exhibits, attendance, and participation at M.O.M.

Facilitate a study online or on-site. Come up with a questionnaire; implement and execute the study.

Silent No More and other Art Projects. Help us engage young people and college students in M.O.M. Enter our monthly poster contest for M.O.M. – a chance to express what motherhood means, or has meant to them.

Monthly exhibits. Help curate and install ongoing museum exhibits.

Research. Help conduct ongoing research and contribute to blog articles, conference presentations and more.

We welcome internships for those who are studying in the field of journalism, communications, business, gender and women’s studies, graphics & arts, sociology, anthropology, social work, photography, filmmaking, communication, history and more.

Over the course of a semester, I have learned lots about interpersonal skills and communication that will help me in my future endeavors. Bhavana Madhu, USF Tampa 2019

We’ve hosted many interns, multiple artists, experts, volunteers, and conference presenters.


  • VanaMadhu (USF), Alexandra Valdes (USF) 2019 [CLICK]
  • 12 Days of Gender Studies Project, MC (2018) [CLICK]
  • Journal of Mother Studies, Editor Project, Candace Lecco (2018) [CLICK]
  • Candace Lecco Read About Candace [CLICK](2018)
  • Birth Practices Through The Ages, Collaboration 2011-2018 [LINK]
  • Shauna Ricketts earns Fulbright, Internship out of Geneseo (2016) [CLICK
  • Journalism major from Northwestern U. publishes work about M.O.M. (2012)
  • 2011-2014 UES, Manhattan over 50 graduate and undergraduate students from Hunter College, Columbia, Teachers College, Marymount Manhattan, and the High School of Art and Design participated in onsite internship programs and classes at M.O.M.

My internship with MOM has allowed me to have the freedom to be creative with my projects while also keeping them educational. I loved being able to help create the Women’s History Month exhibit. Hannah Rome, Manhattan College 2019

In-Person and Remote Internship Projects Can Include:

  • Research on a variety of topics
  • Social media with some internet and website lessons: Twitter, Local Blogs, FB, Calendar Listings, etc.
  • Museum Curation Experience; assisting with exhibits
  • Retail experience and store sales
  • Museum tours
  • Program Development
  • Day to day operations experience
  • Conference & event preparation and exposure
  • Library organization and cataloging
  • Women & Gender Studies conversation, exploration and debate
  • Early Childhood Development experience
  • Social work administration and group experience
  • Graphics, photography, and filmmaking

If you can help us fulfill any of our volunteer, staffing or project needs, we are certain, those who participate in this project will gain valuable experience!


We welcome participation anywhere from 2 hours a week to full-time.

M.O.M. Organization:

Museum of Motherhood is a certified 501c3 non-profit established through the New York-based Motherhood Foundation Inc. The annual academic M.O.M. conference has been organized each year since 2005. Long-term goals include a fully funded, large-scale teaching and exhibition facility. M.O.M. is currently online after being located on the UES of Manhattan from 2011-2014.

MOM Art Annex is located in the AEHK of St. Petersburg, Florida. Since 2017, the Annex promotes the MOM Mission while offering tours by appointment, classes onsite, as well as arts and research residency programs by application.

MOM PoP Up is a traveling museum experience. MOM popped up as part of the Lasallian Women and Gender Resource Center, 2018-2019 at Manhattan College, New York.


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To find out more: visit or contact the Executive Director, Joy Rose at

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