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MoM seeks VOLUNTEERS from a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise. Do you have an administration, personnel or non-profit skill to bring to our organization? We are an awesome team looking to create community, collaboration, and social change. You need not be local. Remote volunteers welcome. JOIN US NOW!

If you have read through our other pages and are not sure how you might fit in ie: docent, intern, Living Board Member or other opportunity, then get in touch here. We will figure out how we might best work together! Looking forward to hearing from you!

The Museum of Motherhood docent program invites community members to serve as guides and educators for MOM in St. Petersburg, Florida. Docents conduct tours and educate guests about the exhibits and international initiatives focused on the Art of Motherhood.

Docents must enroll in a four-week, two hour per-session class, focused on Mother Studies for a total of eight hours, plus a two-week onsite training period, consisting of two hours on site for a two week period. This total of twelve hours of training is an opportunity to learn about Mother Studies and the history of the Motherhood Movement.

The training period will be followed by a month by month commitment of onsite activism, including visitor tours. Docents are encouraged to concentrate on a specific area of study. Access for friends, family and colleagues to participate in private tours throughout a focused period will be encouraged. A profile about each docent will be created and promoted through the Museum of Motherhood website and social media.

This opportunity includes a lifetime membership with ongoing access to the museum library and invitations to attend special events throughout the year free of charge. After the six-week period training period and subsequent onsite activities, docents are invited, and are encouraged to return periodically when their schedule allows.

Student practicing with a breastfeeding doll at MOM
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