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Breastfeeding Contradictions: Art, Words, Theory, organized by Victoria Wright. For those performing mothering duties, the crush of unrelenting surveillance by the public, the media, as well as family members, is often laden with judgment. Whether pumping, using a formula, or nursing in public or in private, these choices are up for commentary. During this project, I hope to explore aspects of motherhood focusing on how mothers decide to feed their children in their early years. May 2023. VIEW PDF

When we chose to live authentically, when our community supports our truth, when people gather in respectful and supportive ways, magic happens. As part of one BIG HUMAN FAMILY, we realize our differences as well as our similarities. We all have an ever-evolving reproductive IDENTITY which exists in ourselves and is projected in our relationship with others. Speaking and writing our stories helps us see who we are in the world. From that space we are able to reflect, interpret, and change (if necessary), to become the most fully realized person at the center of our work and family experience. 2022. MORE

Pandemic Parenting by Rachael Grad – Parenting and Teaching during COVID 19 pandemic. Collaborating with other parent artists while also making art at home; they created on desks and also big art in public spaces. They drew strength both from alone time and from working with other parent artists. By capturing aspects of their own worlds, while quarantining at home with children and partners, these mothers have been able to express themselves during difficult circumstances. . August, 2022. MORE

Starting with “ME” (the individual), and “WE” (the community), to “WOMEN” (the entire female as half the population), a sequential contemplation focusing on various perspectives and creativities from female artists worldwide is highlighted. Eleven female artists from different nations and cultural backgrounds bring us the reflection of how contemporary feminist art shapes life and art from diverse angles yet to reach a pluralistic interconnection. 2021 Yang Li. MORE

The University of Southern Florida (USF) Department of Women and Gender Studies presents The Founding Mothers: Women in Herstory in partnership with the Museum of Motherhood on campus in Tampa, Florida. Celebrating 100 years of women’s vote in America and features items and artifacts from the MOM collection. Curated by Martha Joy Rose. 2020-21. MORE