Big Human Family

What makes us different? What makes us the same? Why does it matter?


Humans are between 55-60% water (source)

Humans are made of approximately 40% stardust atoms (source)

Grandparents are unique to humans due to a chromosome not found in other primates (source)

Our children colonize our bodies in utero and never leave (source)

We live in different homes, in different neighborhoods, states and countries, with habits, genetics, culture, and differing experiences that make us all unique. Yet, we are all human.

We are mortal, we require oxygen to breathe, and we are womb-born with the vast majority of us being woman-born.

At MoM we celebrate the BIG HUMAN FAMILY by identifying the qualities that are important to us.

SEE THE BIG HUMAN FAMILY INTERACTIVE ONLINEThe BIG HUMAN FAMILY has four components which are currently in development:
SCIENCE and our BODY – LINK: (We are born and develop)
HERSTORY and our MIND – LINK: (We grow and establish a story about our families & ourselves)
ART and our IDENTITY – LINK: (We all have an ever-evolving reproductive identity in relationship to ourselves and others)
EXHIBITS and COMMUNITY – LINK: (We connect with others over our commonalities)

The purpose of this exhibit is to provide online interactive activities that will inspire individuals and connect communities. We assert that humans have more in common with each other than they have differences. By focusing on our connections, we counter narratives that seek to separate and divide us. At MoM our guiding premise is that we all have an origin story linking us to our shared humanity. Every person holds this truth. On the micro level, humans can learn from each other and support each other’s activities once common connections are established. Children experience parents more compassionately and parents experience their offspring similarly. Families are transformed and communities are impacted. MoM supports these connections by nurturing activities within safe space so that new insights might establish roots and permeate the larger community as a whole. Our programs elucidate our commonalities through multiple programs we have successfully launched.

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