Remote Internships and Non-Profit Work

Welcome to our realistic expectations page!

Here at MoM, we are devoted to the art, science, and history of women, m/others, and families.

As a non-profit, run by a volunteer team, we consider ourselves fortunate to have kept MOMentum going since 2003 when our first exhibits were featured in a small storefront in Dobbs Ferry, NY.

Since that time, we have created exhibits for the Village of Seneca Falls (where the Suffragists got their start (2010), the Upper East Side of Manhattan (2011-14)), Manhattan College (2014-2019), USF Women’s and Gender Studies Department (2021), and now at our current location in Historic Kenwood at the MOM Art Annex in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Most of our initiatives are student-run. We have welcomed interns from around the world for in-person activities as well as remote programming. Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of individuals, some of whom have gone on to win scholarships, awards, and the jobs of their dreams.

As a member of the American Alliance of Museums and the Florida Association of Museums, experience has shown us, that most non-profits are scrappy, hard-working enterprises with very little funding and highly overworked team members. At MoM, in particular, we pride ourselves on being specific with our tasks, goal-oriented, and available to mentor students in productive ways. The founder makes time each week for Zooms, emails, and even texts, when and if problems arise.

That being said, working remotely, and working on some projects is a highly individualistic endeavor. It seems sometimes, no matter how many times we reiterate this, some find themselves behind the ball with something they’ve signed up for or confused about what the next steps might be.

Often, we have answers, but other times, we are all making it up as we go along!

In particular, before beginning an internship or other position with us, ask yourself, why you are doing this. If you are trying to fulfill some aspect of your graduation requirements – great! If you are looking for a strong headline on your resume – super! If you are highly motivated in the area of art, anthropology, sociology, literature, history, gender studies, feminist studies, or psychology and recognize the void of mother studies in the general academic landscape – then, please, hop on board! If you love museum studies and are looking for experience – awesome! If you have expectations that the position you are signing up for has clear markers for success – we are a perfect match!

But, if you are not a highly motivated individual who is accustomed to putting in solo time on a project, with a willingness to be flexible and inventive in your thinking, then this is not the right fit. Best to say this upfront.

We hope you can find a place with us, for a short time, a longer period, or indefinitely. At MoM, we all rise together. Communication is paramount, and so is a willing spirit, a creative mind, and an ability to be self-motivated. Unfortunately, only English is spoken here, at the moment, unless you’d like your project to be focused on translation, which of course, would Be fantastic too.

Welcome, Bienvenido, Salut, Khush Amdeed, Yōkoso, Huānyíng, Benvenuta,

The MoM Team