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The Museum of Motherhood is the first and only exhibition and education center devoted to elucidating the art, science, and herstory of womyn, m/others, and families. We are invested in countering narratives in history which have kept women less visible. We keep abreast of changing birth technologies, and give voice to a mom-made art movement through our actions.

Our mission is to offer resources for people to engage in activities centered around identity and culture in a safe and inclusive environment free of judgement and discrimination. We welcome people of all ages and stages of reproductive experience including men, non-binary individuals, and those living through pregnancy, adoption, menses, loss, justice, illness, and disability as well as those who are childless by choice.


More About MOM

The Museum of Motherhood (MOM) is the first and only exhibition and education center devoted to elucidating the science, history, and art of womyn, m/others and families. We focus on exploring reproductive identities and the social, psychological, and economic realities embedded in these experiences.

Starting two-hundred years ago, with the first wave of feminist history, American mothers pushed back at the boundaries of gendered performance by creating a sociology made by women. Then, through medical advances, legal maneuverings, activism, and the evolution of family, women enjoyed freedoms herto unknown.

More recently, gender, sexuality, matriesence, m/otherhood, fatherhood, and family have become dynamic topics of investigation. Despite a wide range of circumstances and lived experiences, these subjects offer opportunities for all kinds of exploration; artistic, academic, and social. We believe engagement with these subjects increases awe, offers healing, incites illumination, and develops tolerance. Together, in a safe space for inquiry, we dismantle stereotypes, offer hope, and transform lives.

MOM is a “living museum”, organized and activated by students, scholars, artists, and volunteers invested in our mission and wellbeing, free to the public, and open to evolving, interdisciplinary perspectives on an ongoing basis. We do not discriminate and recognize diversity as a guiding premise. We share teaching tools, support student activities and internships, and host ongoing residencies (by application).

We’d like to invite you to join our family and consider getting involved with one or more of our initiatives. Together we can make fundamental changes to the way we live, love, and understand feminism, reproductive identities, and families in America.

With Great Warmth,

Martha Joy Rose, Founder and Director

The MOM Art Annex

The MOM Art Annex

ABOUT THE MOM ART ANNEX: The MOM Art Annex 501c3 is a registered Florida nonprofit championing the expansion of the Museum of Motherhood (MOM) in St. Petersburg, Florida. The MOM Art Annex in St. Petersburg offers onsite visits and classes, as well as curated exhibits and residencies. Tours are by appointment. Internships are active. Residencies are by application.

We collect, preserve, and disseminate articles, books, artifacts, ephemera, images, and research on all aspects of the art, science, and history of women, mothers and families, and actively promote members within our community.

Our goal is to maximize the Museum of Motherhood footprint through our fundraising initiatives and community board development 2021-2025.

We do not discriminate, are open to all perspectives, and recognize diversity as a guiding premise.

EIN: 84-3541994.

The MOM Art Annex is located in the personal live/work space of artist, educator, and curator Martha Joy Rose who is a member of the AEHK (Artist Enclave of Historic Kenwood) community

MISSION: Our mission is to start great conversations, create thought-provoking exhibits, and share information and education from diverse, inclusive, multicultural perspectives in perpetuity.

Pregnant with Possibilities: Rendering by Nick Ribera Chain Assembly LLC ©Museum of Motherhood 2021



MOM’s goals include expanding our footprint within the St. Petersburg, Florida area over the course of the next four years (2021-2025).

Phase I: Goals for the MOM Art Annex in St. Pete include fundraising activities online and in person throughout the 2021-22 season. These activities include nine-month long, invitation-only events hosted at the MOM Art Annex aimed at soliciting 4-6 Executive Fundraising Board members for the 2022 season. The Mother Tree sculpture, by artist Helen Hiebert, will be at the heart of these invitations.

Phase II: Our focus over the next four years is the successful solicitation of 5 million dollars for a next stage location for the Museum.



The NYC M.O.M. space was active on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in a location donated by Gymboree franchise owners Deb Whitefield and Barry Hanson (2011-2014).

Situated at 401 E. 84th St. in NYC, the space comprised of approximately 2,500 square feet. Within that location were a variety of stations (exhibits) that featured science, art, and history; The Womb Room with RealCareTM Babies, and Pregnancy Simulator Vests; The Suffragette Sitting Room, featuring a large “Write Out Loud” wall, encouraging people to share their stories and raise their voices, The Seneca Falls Room, Moms of Rock, Global Perspectives, Caregiving perspectives, a stage, a play area, a reading area (for children), and adult library. Travelers from Angola, Mexico, and the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, England, Scotland, Italy, Israel (to name a few) made the museum a destination. Interns from local colleges and high schools constituted approximately 60 volunteer and research participants per annum with a total of 40,000 visitors over 29 months (2011-2014)


The MOM Art Annex is a registered Florida non-profit 501c3 located at 538 28th St. N. St. Petersburg, Florida 33713. EIN: 84-3541994

The Motherhood Foundation Inc. is a certified New York nonprofit 501c3 connecting Women, Mothers and Families through Music, Art, Activism and Education for Cultural, Economic & Social awareness, by creating, producing and presenting visual, literary, educational, academic, performing arts exhibits that celebrate, nurture and support women with a special emphasis on mothers, and their activities. MFI pays tribute to mothers (Moms) and gives individuals and groups of Moms opportunities for artistic, academic, and cultural presentations they might not otherwise have; free of age, race and socio-economic barriers. MFI cares about, and acts upon the status of women, mothers and families, while addressing important issues, creating meaningful content, and providing compelling educational and community experiences. EIN: 20-3980355

(Copyright; M.O.M. 2011)

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