Education is the liberation of the mind – MJR

Education liberates our minds— when it is informed by great ideas and shaped through theoretical and practical knowledge. Through education we become aware of our history (and our herstory). Likewise, exposure to knowledge connects us to our shared past and our collective humanity. Without it, we are wandering in the dark, isolated, subject to hegemony and things that go bump in the night.

Starting two-hundred years ago, with the first wave of feminist history, American mothers pushed back at the boundaries of gendered performance by creating a sociology made by women. Then, through medical advances, legal maneuverings, activism, and the evolution of family, women enjoyed freedoms herto unknown.

More recently, gender, sexuality, matriesence, m/otherhood, fatherhood, and family have become dynamic topics of investigation. Despite a wide range of circumstances and lived experiences, these subjects offer opportunities for all kinds of exploration; artistic, academic, and social.

We believe engagement with these subjects increases awe, offers healing, incites illumination, and develops tolerance. Together, in a safe space for inquiry, we dismantle stereotypes, offer hope, and transform lives.

Eckerd College Olli Presentation 2023

Link to Text: Eckerd College Preso 2023

One of our four waves of feminism posters ‘Flash Feminism’ available online in our Community Portal
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