Community Comments

I was delighted to see the call for proposals for the upcoming MoM Conference! I had such an amazing time presenting at the 2022 conference! I continue to be impressed with the amazing folks that you bring together again and again through your work and activism! ~ Cheryl Furjanic, filmmaker (2023)

I can’t stop crying. This is so important. Thank you for ‘seeing’ me. Anonymous (2023)

I love the concept of your museum. Not nearly enough recognition and respect is given to mothers in this American culture. So thanks for your passionate mission. I can’t believe there hasn’t been another Museum of Motherhood anywhere. That shows us the state we live in- in this patriarchy. Giovanna Capone (2023)

I wanted to have someone to teach me about motherhood but there was nothing. Visitor (2023)

Mothers are amazing! Anonymous (2023)

I never wanted to be a mother. I want to be a teacher just like you. Student (2023)

Motherhood is tough. We are spread too thin. Just work hard and keep on going. Anonymous (2023)

I feel like a piece of ripe fruit that fell from a tree here, right into heaven the moment I discovered MoM. Batya (2023)

Mothers and daughters. I have always felt like a failure because abuse is carried through generations. Thank you for providing a platform for art-making and healing. Anonymous (2023)

My mother risked death to bring me life. – Marie (2023)

Mother is a verb. Not necessarily biological. – (Dana 2023)

Motherhood meant oppression and suppression for me. My mother gave up a scholarship to go to medical school in the 1940s in order to marry my father. I decided not to become a mother and even had an herbal miscarriage by choice, which I do not regret. Patricia (2023)

Museum curators are the coolest people – the best people – the curators of the small Tampa Bay museums are the most passionate individuals in the world. I can’t think of any other people we’d rather spend time with. Thank you MoM. Chris and Jourdon 2022

I ask that matricentric feminism be recognized as a distinct feminist standpoint and that it be included in the theory, scholarship, and teaching of feminist theory and Women’s Studies more generally. And that as mother-centred feminists we are recognized as feminists, and that, as such, we are entitled to a feminist scholarship and theory of our own: indeed, a room of our own in the home of Feminism. – Andrea O’Reilly (upon our founding).

The museum is representative of motherhood and its diversity in culture, “herstory” and outlook. The ambiance of the museum was warm, welcoming and informative.  I cheer you on! Paula Caplan PhD, writer, feminist, scholar. (upon our founding).

While in NYC for the Easterns, I visited NYC’s MOM Museum, which had very provocative and engaging exhibits on domesticity – comparison of gendered labor and compensation for tasks like gardening, cleaning, laundry etc.  One of more innovative and insightful aspects to their exhibits is that they create a place for children in the midst of the art for adults so that the whole family can be part of the scene. –

It was a true pleasure meeting you yesterday and visiting your wonderful museum! The young women in my class loved it, and were very inspired. You are doing a great thing! I look forward to coming back to the museum with future “fresh(wo)men seminars.” – Marcia Inhorn PhD, MPH, Council on Middle East Studies, Yale University

Thank you for the opportunity to meet you and the women who are making up the fabric of the MOM community. I left the experience energized and inspired — largely because of the intimate and authentic space you created. This spirit trickled down through the week and resulted in a remarkable discussion with my research lab and class. I told them about the experiences I had interfacing with your community and asked them to support you in turn. These young women are committed to this work. –

The day-conference was a POWERFUL day — thanks so much to you and everyone else who helped to make the experience so special. – Ronnie Komarow, artist, educator, scholar

The Museum of Motherhood (MOM) gave me solace, knowledge, and confidence at the most pivotal time in my life. Through attending events and joining mommy groups, I was able to build strong relationships with inspirational mothers. Being apart of MOM helped me learn about the intricacies of motherhood and what it really means to be a mother. The support I received from MOM not only positively affected my relationship with my son, it enabled me to move forward with my professional aspirations. I am forever thankful. –Elenor B. Daneshva, NYC)

I feel relaxed and supported – You really hit the nail on the head. You take care of me here at M.O.M., so I can take care of them (my twin girls) – Community Member