Pregnancy & Birth Resources

Special thanks to the students of Holly Singh’s Reproductive Justice Class at USF for their ongoing research

Birth Empowerment Tampa

Skyler Cripps, Colton Houser, Nidhi Bangalore, and Sophie McFee made a website of resources about birth, with some specific resources for the Tampa Bay area

Reproductive Justice on Tic Tok

Hannah Furr, Megan Dunne, Mali Waugh, Sandra Bula, & Shae Doyle: Created a TikTok channel with videos related to reproductive health, rights, and justice @reproductivejusticeusf

Reproductive Justice Podcast

Katherine Gast, Jataya Jackson, Yutong (Annika) Li created a podcast series talking about adoption as a reproductive justice issue: LINK

Ca’s Blog Series: Mothering Myself

Ca Hoang wites a series of reflective pieces on the topic of mothering onself in a society that often focuses on the opposite. LINK

MOM thanks USF for its collaborationswe hope this information is helpful

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