November News: Internships, Numbers, and Making M/otherhood Count!

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Hello World – How are things going for everyone? As we roll from October into November, signaling the beginning of another holiday season, we want to share our inspiration, hope, and love to each of our friends near and far.

Our November Newsletter went out last week. If you are not getting our monthly updates, please DO sign up for our newsletter using one of the links here on our website:

The Annual Academic MoM Conference will take place in person and online in 2023. Call for papers is posted. This annual event is a collaborative effort with artists and academics to create experiences that are both educational and artistic in nature, contributing to the body of work that comprises a vast field of mother studies. CFP due by November 30th! Link to CFP.

The 7th Issues of the Journal of Mother Studies is now live and available to read. This journal is a peer-reviewed, international, interdisciplinary open-access, digital humanities hybrid project focused on Mother Studies, a field of study devoted to the issues, experiences, topics, history, and culture of m/others, mothering, and motherhood. Special thanks to our editor Nicole Musselman! Read more.

You’re invited to join the St. Petersburg Mothers’ Club, where everyone is welcome. If you crave connection, heartfelt conversation, and an opportunity to explore the nuances of m/otherhood while navigating your individual well-being, this is the place for you! Read more.

We welcomed another intern this fall. Гердт Мария has been diligently combing through some of our more advanced texts to facilitate a new round of MoM classes in the new year. We hope to synthesize her research with existing coursework in order to launch an easily accessible class in mother studies for all to see. She has been diligently translating portions of the book the Women Founders by  Patricia Madoo Lengermann, Gillian Niebrugge. Now more about Maria:

My name is Maria, I’m a second-year undergraduate student at Higher School of Economics in Moscow. I’m a sociology major and a pubic history minor. I’m passionate about women’s rights, female literature and art, especially representing relationships between mothers and daughters or sapphic relationships, but I generally find women’s studies and herstory an inspiring and fascinating academic field. I’ve written multiple student’s papers on the topic, published two articles, and always try to support feminist initiatives in my city and my country. I’m also curious about politics and political theory, love reading, watching movies, attending galleries. I’ve always found it frustrating how women’s voices get ignored or stolen and I’m grateful to MoM for an opportunity to discover and share the lives and ideas of great female sociologists.

Coming in January 2023…

MoM welcomes Laura Gabrielle from Portland, Oregon. Laura is a graduate student in museum studies. She enjoys attending music and art events, discovering new cafes, or spending time at home with books and films. She especially loves historical dramas with good costume design! Being in the Pacific Northwest, she appreciates living in close proximity to the coast, mountains, and rivers for outdoor activities. Her research project will be dedicated to the erased history of women’s input in sociology and social theory starting with 19th century. As a research assistant, Laura will help create content for a booklet that will be incorporated within a 4-week class at Museum of Motherhood.

That’s it for now. Have a busy and blessed November – We’ll see you soon!

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