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Mom_Is_A_Dirty_WordDocumentary Explores “Motherism” and Anti-Family American Public Policy, Kicks off Indiegogo Campaign Drive
Gettysburg, PA — June 1, 2015— Feature documentary “Mom Is a Dirty Word” explores how the media, pop-culture, and lack of family-friendly public policy make being a mom in the United States more difficult than ever. Through interviews with experts, moms, and dads, the documentary explores why the “Mother Ideal” of the 1950s hasn’t changed despite the fact that most families must now survive on dual-incomes.

“Mom is a Dirty Word” is the cinematic vision of director Samantha Rife. A wife and Mom of two, Ms. Rife has conducted interviews with experts and caregivers for the last year, raising questions women often consider privately, but rarely ask out loud. Ms. Rife’s questions to her interview subjects include: “Do Mothers sacrifice their identity for their children? Is this their choice, and if so, must Fathers make this choice as well?” And, “Why is the United States the only industrialized nation not to guarantee paid maternal and parental leave?”

“Mom is a Dirty Word” investigates the gender bias of caregivers that has been perpetuated for decades. Explains Ms. Rife, “Much has changed since ‘Leave it to Beaver.’ In the 1960s, only 20% of women worked outside the home. Today, mothers are either the sole or primary source of income in over 40% of households with children under 18. Yet our media, pop-culture, and public policy reflect just the opposite. Even today, the “Ideal Mother” is a loving, unassuming housewife while the “Ideal Father” is the primary breadwinner. No wonder mothers feel like they’re being pulled in all directions.”

The feature documentary, now in the final stages of production, follows the various family-friendly public policies enacted in other democracies around the world; from paid parental leave, paid sick leave, to subsidized day-care, in stark contrast to the United States government that mandates none of the above. “Paid-family leave for parents, as well as paid sick leave is what both solo-parents and dual- income families require today,” says Ms. Rife. “We need public policy, not only to ensure parents can provide the care and support children need to thrive, but to provide policies that protect all families – from parents caring for special needs children to adults caring for their aging parents.”

“Mom is a Dirty Word” is seeking funding to film the final interviews this summer, 2015 and for editing and post-production for fall 2015. “Everyone is impacted by gender discrimination, bias at the workplace, or lack of family-friendly public policy.” Ms. Rife hopes anyone who is a mother or loves a mother will support the film. “Most people are surprised to learn that among democratic nations, the United States fails in almost every measure to support moms. And when you fail to support moms, you fail to support children, families, communities, and the economy. Moms need more support – and it’s going to take a lot more than a Mother’s Day Hallmark card. An investment in this film will make a difference.”
An IndieGoGo campaign will launch on June 1st to raise funds to wrap filming and fund editing and post production.
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Producer, Samantha Rife, has been on both sides of the net. While 8 months pregnant, Ms. Rife was laid off from her full-time employer. Since then, Rife has given birth to two children – and has negotiated between; SAHM to part-timer, to full-timer, and entrepreneur, while caring for her husband and brood.
If you’d like more information about the “Mom Is a Dirty Word” Documentary Project, or would like to be interviewed for an opportunity for your story to be included in “Mom is a Dirty Word” documentary, email the director, Samantha Rife at

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