Small Museums Conference 2016

The Small Museums Conference 2016 is off to a great start in Ocean City, Maryland. I’ll be spending the next few days learning, exploring, and gaining insight as I attend workshops and events organized to benefit small museums and their teams.

First up, two workshops, one in grant-writing and a DYI exhibit lecture (I kept running back and forth between rooms so I could catch bits of both).

DYI Exhibit Lecture
DYI Exhibit Lecture

There is a full roster of events and mixers from today (Sunday) through Tuesday. I spent a few minutes gabbing with Conference Chair, Allison Titman who says her team of volunteers are passionate about connecting over the obstacles and triumphs small museums experience daily. I know I’m looking forward to connecting with other like-minded curators and directors.

You can find out more about the Small Museums Conference here [LINK]. I’m signing off for now because there’s a wine & cheese reception taking place in the resource hall! Check back later! M. Joy Rose Find us on twitter over the next few days @MarthaJoyRose @MOMmuseum @museumswork @smallmuseums

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