The Museum of Motherhood, the ProCreate Project, the Mom Egg Review, and the Mother Magazine are pleased to announce the launch of a bi-monthly international exchange of ideas and art. M.A.M.A. will celebrate the notion of being “pregnant with ideas” in new ways. This scholarly discourse intersects with the artistic to explore the wonder and the challenges of motherhood. Using words and art to connect new pathways between the creative, the academic, the para-academic, the digital, and the real, as well as the everyday: wherever you live, work, and play, the Art of Motherhood is made manifest. Download the Press Release here or read about updated initiatives. #JoinMAMA  @ProcreateProj  @MOMmuseum @TheMomEgg 

       January 2018: M.A.M.A. with Melissa Thomas       

      February 1, 2017:In Her Own Words,” with Giraffe by Laura Sloan Patterson

       July 1, 2016: “Exploring Womanhood,” – Alex March

       June 1, 2016: “Sonogram,” Susan Vespoli

       May 1, 2016:The Physical World,” by Nadia Colburn. Featured artist Beth Grossman

       April 1, 2016: Minna Dubin

      February 15, 2016: On Friday Nights,” by Gabriella Burman. Featured artist,  Dagmara Bilon

       February 1, 2016:       

       January 15, 2016: M/other Voices for the New Year,” by Martha Joy Rose. Featured artist, Rachel Fallon

       January 1, 2016: Pregnant with Meaning,” by Anelie Crighton. Featured artist, Sara Irvin

       December 1, 2015: “Close to the Heart,” by Nancy Cook. Featured artist, Beth Goobic

       November 15, 2015: “Burst,” by Kristin Procter. Featured Artist, Ruchika Wason Singh

       November 1, 2015: Waiting For Words,” by Cynthia Patton. Featured Artist, Sarah Nicolls       

       October 15, 2015: Mirror, Mirror,” by  Sandra Ramos Obriant. Featured Artist, Nusa Pavko

       October 1, 2015: “Elderly Prima Gravida,” by Autumn Stephens. Featured Artist, Sabrina Mahfouz.

       September 15, 2015: Reflections of a Multicultural Mom,” by Margaret Rapp. Art by Louise Camrass.

       September 1, 2015: Good Enough to Eat,” by Becky Tipper. Featured artist, Lynn Lu.

August 1, 2015:Reflections on Maternal Thinking,” by Jenny N. Featured artist, Kerry Stammers “Maternal Nest.

July 1, 2015: “Ain’t I a Woman? Matricentric Feminism, Feminist Mamas, and Why Mothers Need a Feminist Movement/Theory of Their Own” by Andrea O’Reilly. Featured artist, Nicola Canavan with photos by Dawn Felicia Knox.

June 1, 2015: “The Invisibility and Marginality of Motherwork” by Roksana Badruddoja. Featured artist, Claire Hickey

Archives Must Be Updated to Here:

       November 1, 2019: “Muttererde

February 1, 2020: “External Masquerate & Scars” by Anna Perach and Jane Yolen.

Roksana Badruddoja at Sarah Lawrence
Roksana Badruddoja at Sarah Lawrence


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