Support For All Mothers – Last post by Shauna Ricketts

The goal of this project was to support ALL mothers, regardless of their family form or personal circumstance. Stories and faces negate stereotypes and disprove assumptions that accumulate as a result of societal reflections. This project has demonstrated that funding and programming are not the only expressions of positive community support. Demand for mental healthContinue reading “Support For All Mothers – Last post by Shauna Ricketts”

Out of the Darkness? – Interview by Shauna Ricketts [CLICK]

This week I interviewed Celina. Celina is a current resident of Newburgh, NY who lives with her 4 year old son Ricki. Prior to living in Newburgh, Celina was a member of the residential community of East Harlem. As a predominately Hispanic area, East Harlem served as a cultural hub for Celina, however the areaContinue reading “Out of the Darkness? – Interview by Shauna Ricketts [CLICK]”

Meet Shauna Ricketts – Our Summer Intern [CLICK]

Meet our summer intern, Shauna┬áRicketts. Shauna is a full-time student at SUNY Geneseo in Western New York, originally hailing from the Hudson Valley. Her studies focus on Sociology and Political Science. She is also interested in art and photography. She believes that art is an amazing tool to spread awareness and engage in social messaging.Continue reading “Meet Shauna Ricketts – Our Summer Intern [CLICK]”