Really Gross Stuff & Poetry for Grandmothers [Link]

Artist: Minna Dubin #MomLists Each list is handwritten on a 4×6 card. A layer of bright decorative paper is placed over it and the two are sewn together across the top. The act of making—cutting, sewing, hand writing, stamping—then feeling the tangible, finished product in my hands is a relief. Each piece is a clearlyContinue reading “Really Gross Stuff & Poetry for Grandmothers [Link]”

The Space in Between and a Leap of Faith [Click]

Art by Sophie Starzenski  Project: The space in between It always happens to me while seeing an image, a landscape, a moment… or just seeing something that I find difficult to explain, a situation that I find inexplicably beautiful. I’m not talking about the beauty of it’s colours or it’s shapes – I’m talking about somethingContinue reading “The Space in Between and a Leap of Faith [Click]”

Year End Report [CLICK]

Thank You To Our Friends, Supporters, and Partners This has been a wonderful year for collaboration. M.O.M. saw three new initiatives launch in 2015. They included the Procreate Project along with The Mom Egg Review, Project Afterbirth, and the Jewish Biennale 2015 at Hechel Schlomo Museum in Israel (download press about this Jewish Biennal_Report here). TheContinue reading “Year End Report [CLICK]”