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Dear MOM Friends –

I hope this note finds you all well.

Joy Rose

As you know– The Museum of Motherhood has occupied a great deal of my time and attention for the last 10 years; first as an idea, then in founding the non-profit Motherhood Foundation Inc., and finally in practice, through traveling exhibits and our location in NYC 2011-2014.

In 2011, Working Mother Magazine published an interview in which I stated, “there are marble museums, mustard museums, and car museums, why isn’t there a Museum of Motherhood?” Last summer my family and I actually stumbled upon the Mustard Museum near Lubec, Maine! Recently Galit sent a link to a new Hip Hop Museum opening in Harlem which is exciting, but unfortunately isn’t our Museum of Motherhood. Finally, my kids continue to enjoy spending vacation time in St. Petersburg, Fla. (which has no less than 5 major museums).

During the spring and summer of 2015 I will be expanding the search for a next-level space both North and South. I will specifically be looking for affiliations with universities. I have found examples of privately owned spaces gaining recognition from the colleges they work with, and eventually being legitimized through that relationship. I will also be asking God for guidance.

I am specifically interested in St. Petersburg/Tampa, Florida, and Brunswick/Orono, Maine, because of the personal relationships I have there. I would also consider the Bronx/Manhattan, although barring a miracle it would be difficult for me to personally sustain something in the NY Metro area. If I consider a move, it may be possible for me to continue to push the project with my personal assets and resources.

Please send thoughts and inspiration. It will be a busy spring with the Barnes and Noble book fair/fundraiser, and the annual academic MOM Conference. If anyone would like to help organize the book fair, please do let me know. We have a full five days to host readings, encourage people around the country to use our special code to make Mother’s Day book purchases (of which we’ll receive a portion of the sales), and raise awareness of M.O.M.

I am aiming to complete my thesis this spring. If you’re interested in seeing what I’m working on, it’s posted here. I will continue to prayerfully embrace the next phase of this journey, and in the meantime, on behalf of the museum, I send light, love, and peace to each of you beautiful and generous people this holiday season.

With Great Affection and Warmest Wishes for a Healthy, Happy, and Wealthy New Year,

M. Joy Rose

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