Submissions Request – Each Egg a World: Stillborn Project


Adinda van ’t Klooster is making art about stillbirth.

Adina organized the online exhibit, Each Egg a World after her own experience with having a stillborn child. Now she wants to help break through the “tremendous taboo” that she says thwarts discussion around stillbirth and hampers the funding of measures to bring the numbers down.

To this end, she is inviting people who have suffered a stillbirth to contribute their stories to an online artwork which is set to be a highlight of the exhibition Still Born, which is due to tour later this year and in 2021 in London, Manchester and Newscastle (See full news story here online LINK).

More than 100 people have already submitted their statements on their experience of stillbirth. This project is becoming a very moving piece of digital art as well as acting as a useful resource for raising awareness about stillbirth. Adina is looking for you to share your story. Click the egg below to see the exhibit. Click this link to submit to the exhibit.

(All art featured here by Adinda van ‘t Klooster)

Each Egg a World: Stillbirth

Featured Image Homepage: Porcelain Uterus: Fundal Height, imprinted porcelain, © Adinda van ’t Klooster, 2010, photograph by Colin Davison, 2017 

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