Today is the 100 year anniversary of WOMEN GETTING THE VOTE in America. This is such a big deal!

Hard to believe, I was born only 37 years after this law was enacted.

Suffragette Sitting Room, MOM, NYC

At the Museum of Motherhood in NYC, we had an area called the Suffragette Sitting Room, where mothers would come and gather with their infants under the banner of these fearless warriors who marched, protested, and even starved for the right to be considered equal citizens.

I always find a way to include these foremothers of the feminist waves in the college classes I teach and remember fondly

Housewives On Prozac Band

the days when my band, Housewives On Prozac, was privileged to play the great city of Seneca Falls, New York, raising awareness about many of the issues mothers in America face. Those outstanding problems continue to include a continued lack of federally mandated paid parental leave, affordable childcare, accessible & adequate healthcare, as well as the issue of those who are home caring for loved ones without pay or social security in America today.

Let us not forget also, the simple willingness to declare “All people are created equal” according to the as-of-yet unratified ERA Amendment.
Thankfully, the fight for equality, access, and respect are continuing. From the Women’s March in Washington in 2016 thru the present, I  am so grateful to those worthy and peaceful activists at work in the #MeToo and #BLM movements who also see goals worth striving for. Let freedom ring.
~ Martha Joy Rose, Founder MOM

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