Please join us on the journey to bring the Mother Tree to the Museum of Motherhood permanently

Welcome to the launch of our acquisition campaign. Help us purchase the Mother Tree for our permanent collection at the Museum of Motherhood!

We believe the Mother Tree is an inspiring new addition to our permanent collection at the MOM Art Annex in Florida. Her transformative nature signals the launch of our new three-point expansion plan that includes increasing acquisitions, engaging new Executive Fundraising Board members, and initiating the Pregnant with Possibilities’ Building Campaign.

Why the Dress, Why Now, and Why Go Fund Me?

The Mother Tree sculpture is a seven-foot high illuminated dress made of paper and thread, conceived by Colorado artist Helen Hiebert. The power of her presence is inspirational.

Her long roots are crocheted strands of yarn fashioned by community members who have embraced their connection with each other, to their children, and the whole human family.

Resplendent with metaphors, the Mother Tree stands as a testimony to the bond between so many things: mothers and their children, the earth and her inhabitants, or even the relationship between the future vision of the Museum of Motherhood and the building we’ve yet to realize; the people we’ve yet to meet, and the partners we’re looking forward to collaborating with.

After consulting with numerous fundraising sites, we determined the Go Fund Me platform was the simplest to implement and it seamlessly integrates with our existing non-profit PayPal account.

Donations will go directly to our Motherhood Foundation 501c3 non-profit and are tax deductible.

We need $25,000 to purchase Mother Tree. Please help us – THANK YOU! That’s $20 per person, over the course of 270 days, or 5 people per day donating a minimum of $20 (more is better) PLEASE DONATE NOW!

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The Motherhood Foundation Inc. (NY) & the MOM Art Annex (FL) are certified 501c3 designated non profits, connecting Women, Mothers and Families through Music, Art, Activism and Education for Cultural, Economic & Social awareness. By creating, producing and presenting visual, literary, educational, academic, performing arts exhibits that celebrate, nurture and support women with a special emphasis on mothers, and their activities, MFI pays tribute to mothers (Moms). We connect individuals and groups of Moms with opportunities for artistic, academic, and cultural presentations they might not otherwise have; free of age, race and socio-economic barriers. MFI cares about, and acts upon the status of women, mothers and families, while addressing important issues, creating meaningful content, and providing compelling educational and community experiences.

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