Mom Residency Highlights Psychologist Tracy Sidesinger PsyD

As our residency program begins to grow with each new resident, today we would love to highlight previous MOM Art Annex Resident, Psychoanalytic Psychologist Tracy Sidesinger. Tracy also works as a member of the MOM Living Board  as our artist residency coordinator.  Those of you who kept up with us regularly on our social mediaContinue reading “Mom Residency Highlights Psychologist Tracy Sidesinger PsyD”

12 Days of Gender Studies – The Students of MC

ABOUT THIS BLOG SERIES: The holiday season is upon us. You know the song: The Twelve Days of Christmas. This year we’ve got a little twist. I’ve been teaching “Codes of Gender” at Manhattan College since August and the students have presented a number of ideas, poems, manifestos, and in-class presentations that explain some ofContinue reading “12 Days of Gender Studies – The Students of MC”

On My Experience of Motherhood Studies

You may have seen some of my blog posts over the last several weeks that came from the response papers I wrote for the Introduction to Mother Studies course offered through the museum. With a capstone paper using research on current topics related to reproductive technology, the class culminated three weeks ago last Sunday afternoon.Continue reading “On My Experience of Motherhood Studies”