Mom Residency Highlights Self-Taught Multidisciplinary Artist Jillian M Rock

Rock wanted to highlight her confidence as a woman in her piece, regarding the combined importance of rest, self-fulfillment and sensuality. In developing her contribution to the M.O.M. archives, she had taken a picture of herself outside lounging in a thong-which ended up being the center of her piece adding the element of sensuality to those of motherhood and rest. Named “Mama, All Roads Lead to You” it is an 11×17 3 layer risograph print of a digital collage of photographs taken during her stay.

Diversifying Visibility to Decrease Mortality Rates

The American Medical Association says that women of color are 2- 6 times more likely to die from pregnancy complications than white woman depending on where they live. There are many factors that can contribute to this disproportionality, including quality of prenatal delivery and postpartum care. This mortality rate has significant detrimental effects on theContinue reading “Diversifying Visibility to Decrease Mortality Rates”